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Hearty experimental post hardcore act VISTAS streaming new music videos; teasing new classy EP

Florianópolis based emotional post hardcore act VISTAS have recently released 2 music videos for their songs ‘Festim’ and ‘Garoa Seca’. Both tracks come from the band’s upcoming debut EP, to be released on Share This Breath label in September. Lush, vibrant and atmospheric, with shades of many different styles and feels, the duo of emotive tracks demands your attention, in a subtle but thrilling way. Full credit should be given for bringing an extra dimension to the impassioned, dramatic post hardcore legacy. Love it!

Geo-curio: never heard of Florianópolis? The southern Brazilian city has a population of about 480k and lis is a city situated in Brazil and is the second most affordable city in South America with a cost of living index so low that it makes almost 20% cheaper than the city of Sao Paulo. It has literally breathtaking beaches and an exceptional landscape. Dubbed Floripa, the island city is a place worth checking out during your next vacation! Google it, find out more about it and let us know how you liked it. Apart from DIY music, we’re always eager to talk about about traveling experience.

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