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Heavy death-doom metallers 71TONMAN crushes with grim, well chiseled pace “Of End Times”

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Polish heavy doom sludge metallers 71TONMAN (members of Nonsanto, Ratflesh and Peacemaker) has returned with their third full-length album, titled “Of End Times”. Building on their previous works, which include two LPs and an EP, the band has refined their unique blend of doom, sludge, and old-school death metal into a powerful musical force. With their newest release, they expertly utilize their honed skills to create a foreboding and heavy sound that will undoubtedly please fans of this ominous subgenre.

Spanning a duration of 39 minutes, 71TONMAN‘s music is divided among only four tracks, allowing for a deeper exploration of each song. Focused primarily on the slow and solemn funeral doom end of the sludge spectrum, “Of End Times” delivers an abrasive and mesmerizingly slow sound, characterized by massive, distorted guitars and lethargic drum rolls. Vocalist K.K.’s cavernous roar adds to the overall haunting ambiance, as the band crawls forward across the desolate musical landscape.


The production of “Of End Times” further enhances the band’s musical prowess, creating a thunderous and expansive sound that emphasizes the vocals without overpowering them. Overall, 71TONMAN’s latest release is a testament to their musicianship and mastery of this sinister subgenre mix.

“Of End Times” represents four faces of the destruction of the world for which humans are responsible. The downfall of humanity is depicted in four parts, named after the four horsemen of the apocalypse: Conquest, Plague, War, and Famine.

The new material from 71TONMAN is a portrayal of the brutal reality that affects us on a daily basis. The end of the world is coming closer, but do we have any influence over it? It all depends on ourselves and whether we take appropriate steps to save this world or allow the apocalyptic vision of the end of the world to come true.

In simpler terms, “Of End Times” is an album that reflects on the destruction of the world caused by human actions, and it is divided into four parts named after the four horsemen of the apocalypse. The album highlights the harsh realities of our current world, and encourages us to take action in order to prevent the apocalyptic vision of the end of the world from becoming a reality.

71TONMAN by @cvspe
71TONMAN by @cvspe

As a supplement to this crushing new offering from 71TONMAN, we asked the band to give us their top extreme metal releases they praised recently, and here’s what we’ve got:

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  • Primitive Man “Insurmountable”

  • Mordloch “Mordloch”

  • Cryptworm “Spewing mephitic putridity”

  • Extortion “Seething”

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