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Heavy hardcore duo MENDED premiere new video for “Disgust : Disgrace”; new EP “Loathe” out soon on Delayed Gratification Records

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On their second EP “Loathe” and the new single “Disgust : Disgrace”, Wisconsin chaotic metallized hardcore duo MENDED tackle the topic of rape culture, and consent. With loads of horrifying political, social and economic issues happening around the world, it was only natural that more socially aware and politically engaged musicians would become interested in confronting geopolitical conflicts, life-threatening docisions of governments and the depictions of reality and fiction presented in the mass media. MENDED is one of such voices and we’re thrilled to give you their new track and music video for “Disgust : Disgrace”!

Live photo by Jon Fett

Loathe” EP by MENDED comes out on June 2nd via Ohio label Delayed Gratification Records. Pre-order are up at this location.

Steven & Caleb commented:

When working on lyrics for our first release, we wanted to have songs with no meaning or purpose because the two of us had been in a Christian metal band with a lot of preaching. So, we sort of grew out of that and did the first, more relaxed, Mended release and it was great therapy. Caleb and I have developed a world view of “So what the world sucks? Get over it.” It was awesome not really caring about anything, but having fun playing music. Fast forward about a year and it became extremely hard to ignore all the horrible shit going on in the world. We had been writing much more aggressive, and heavier songs, and naturally angry lyrics followed.

The songs on Loathe are about issues that we all read about or deal with every day that plain and simple, should not exist. Disgust : Disgrace, the last song on the album, is about rape culture and consent. No means no, every person is in control of their body. Each song touches on subjects that we, and people around us have dealt with: senseless killing, suicide, and police violence to name a few. We worked pretty hard on these songs, I’m sure you’ll get pissed and want to hit someone…just make sure they consent first.



MENDED release their debut EP “Be That As It May” in February 2016:

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