HELLOWEEN detail their new album “Straight Out of Hell”

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Let’s go classic :) HELLOWEEN have revealed some details in regards to their upcoming fourteenth studio album “Straight Out of Hell”, which will be released on January 18, 2013 and was helmed by the band’s longtime producer Charlie Bauerfeind singer Andi Deris’ Mi Sueño Studios in Tenerife, Spain.


In regards to the songs, which are described as “fast-paced songs — impressively multi-layered due to their different songwriters”, guitarist and founding member Michael Weikath states:

Straight Out of Hell is the consequent development of the two albums before. The new songs are a continuation of the 7 Sinners directives, only less doom-bound and noticeably more positive. These songs will kick even the laziest listener’s ass.

Track listing:
1. Nabataea (7:03)
2. World of War (4:56)
3. Live Now! (3:10)
4. Far from the Stars (4:41)
5. Burning Sun (5:33)
6. Waiting for the Thunder (3:53)
7. Hold Me in Your Arms (5:10)
8. Wanna Be God (2:02)
9. Straight Out of Hell (4:33)
10. Asshole (4:09)
11. Years (4:22)
12. Make Fire Catch the Fly (4:22)
13. Church Breaks Down (6:06)

Bonus tracks (limited edition):
14. Another Shot of Life
15. Burning Sun (Hammond version) (dedicated to Jon Lord)

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