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Help build a much needed DIY space in Lisbon!

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Disgraça started this undertaking in January and they have been gathering funds via different benefit events so we would have money enough for the first rents and expenses. They still need a lot of money for other kind of works they will have to do there, so I am thrilled to give you a chance to help them via this little crowdfunding project, which was launched yesterday to help them raise funds for all kinds of exciting projects, including an old anarchist library moving to the space.

GO HERE to drop a few bucks in the bucket!

We are bored.
We are fed up with the cyclical and tedious search for a space for free expression. A space free from the expectations of the “cooltural” managers who remain mired in methods that are rooted in fear of dissonance and human distortion. A space free from the economic pressures of the cultural professionals. Free from those for whom free or inexpensive creativity does not seem a valid idea and instead want to tax it, modify it, limit it and profit from it, at all costs. There will always be a missing license, a made up law, a false complaint, or anything else they think of, in order to prevent and complicate something as simple as 3 chords.

We do not want to be castrated or sterilized.
We want to motivate and be motivated.

We want an open space, a laboratory for individual expression, where anyone can realise their projects and ideas – spontaneously and unconditionally. A space that stimulates the DIY spirit and self-production.
We want a space where music can find its shortest path between the performers and the audience.
We want to provide tools for individual and collective emancipation through a space for body, mind, and skills; as well as to channel frustration and anger.

We will not be overwhelmed or undermined by those who clearly do not want certain ideas to spread, certain events to be held, or certain truths to be screamed.

So we’ve created a collective to self-manage a rented space in the center of Lisbon. A concert hall, a recording studio, an infoshop, a space for physical activity, screen printing, various workshops, or anything that the imagination and opportunities allow. A place to build, destroy and rebuild.

For this idea to become reality, we have planned a series of benefit events that will contribute to the initial expenses related to the opening of such a space.

Until then.. (if not before).

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