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Help DREAM NAILS beat the sexist algorithms

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British feminist punk rockers DREAM NAILS (see our interview HERE) have recently premiered a new video for their new song Vagina Police, a massive head nod to Beastie Boy’s ‘Sabotage’ video, and obviously the vicious algorithms of social media apps haven’t been optimized for 100% DIY feminist punk witches. We’re posting thiss to change that, so please check it out and share where you can!

Vagina Police comes from DREAM NAILS‘ “Double A Side” 7″ available via Everything Sucks Music.

Here’s what DREAM NAILS had to say about the harsh censorship:

We’re writing to you to ask for your help. We’ve just released a new music video for our song ‘Vagina Police’, but its likely you haven’t seen it!

We’ve been sharing it across our social media platforms but for some reason, it’s reaching very little of our audience, and is not coming up in our followers’ feeds!

We believe that the Facebook and Instagram algorithm is sexist, and is censoring our song because of the words used in the title and the description. The song is about reproductive justice, and all of the proceeds from the vinyl release and accompanying zine, Your Body Is Not Your Own: Articles About Reproductive Justice, are going to Abortion Support Network.

Because our posts contain the words ‘vagina’, ‘reproductive justice’ and ‘abortion’, it is being censored from everyone’s feeds. There is nothing in the video that is graphic, NSFW, or inappropriate in any way. We have also heard from others trying to promote ‘Vagina Police’ that their posts were taken down?!!?!

These words should not be censored, and these conversations MUST be had if we want to make a change in the government policing of reproductive justice for women, non-binary, and trans people.

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