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HENRY ROLLINS – “A Grim Detail” book available!

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Henry Rollins released a new book this week! It’s called “A Grim Detail” and it was described by the author in the following statement:

A Grim Detail covers my travels and work from the years of 2009 and 2010. In that time period, I went all over the world for shows and exploration. North Korea, Mongolia, South Sudan and Saudi Arabia are just a few of the destinations.

We made two initial print runs of AGD. The 1500 black cover limited edition, which is signed and numbered with color photos and the yellow cover unsigned edition with black and white photos. 

The book took a long time to complete because of work schedules, travel and the fact that it’s a much larger bit of writing than usual. 

I hope you like it. 

In other news, check out the latest promo tee from Henry :)


I am sure that the graphic on this t-shirt [ ] may have a few people scratching their heads as to why we made it.

I am not interested in using cannabis. However, if I were to be visited by some ailment that a cannabis product could help me cope with, I would like to have the option without difficulty in getting what I needed. I wouldn’t want you to have any difficulty either.

More and more, it is becoming clear in America, what has been clear for centuries in countries all over the world: cannabis can do a lot of good. To deny people access because of some phony moral construct or outdated, ignorance fueled prejudice is just ridiculous. I cannot defend the illegality of cannabis and at the same time defend the legality of tobacco and alcohol, two substances I find to be far more harmful than cannabis.

I would never advise anyone to use cannabis. I am not a doctor and most importantly, I am not you. I do think it is horrible that someone can go to prison for being in possession of cannabis. It seems like something from centuries ago.

America, wonderful as it is, needs to evolve on this issue. Our shirt is a fun effort in addressing that. I thank you for your time. — Henry

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