Hopesfall by Mark Valentino
Hopesfall by Mark Valentino
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HOPESFALL revives “The Satellite Years” with a fresh mix and a nostalgic touch

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Hopesfall, a trailblazing name in the post-hardcore scene, is set to grace its fans with a rejuvenated sonic experience. Today, the North Carolina-based band released a remixed and remastered version of their monumental album, “The Satellite Years”. Dubbed “The Satellite Years (2.0)”, this version promises to breathe new life into an album that has remained close to the hearts of many.

“The Satellite Years”, originally released in 2002 on Trustkill Records, is viewed by many as a milestone in the melodic hardcore scene. Produced by Matt Talbot and supported by Trustkill, the album has been described as an epitome of the fusion of ferocious screaming and captivating melodies. Drawing inspirations from various genres, the record masterfully juxtaposes raw intensity with profound melodic intricacy.

The forthcoming reissue comes packed with exciting features for both new listeners and longtime fans.

It is being presented as a double LP, cut at 45rpm, and enclosed in a gatefold embossed jacket. An additional touch of nostalgia is added with a gatefold booklet containing original pictures from the studio recording sessions in rural Illinois.

To provide a deep dive into the album’s history, a retrospective essay titled “The Early Orbiters” penned by Emery’s Matt Carter is also included. The layout and packaging are skillfully executed by Unoriginal Vinyl.

Despite the consistent lineup changes that often bordered on the tumultuous, the five-member ensemble at the time – Jay Forrest (Vocals), Josh Brigham (Guitar), Ryan Parrish (Guitar/backing Vocals), Chad Waldrup (Bass), and Adam Morgan (Drums) – crafted a sound that was both pioneering and enduring. Their achievement in creating “The Satellite Years” under such circumstances is nothing short of remarkable.

From the rolling, speedy gallops of Adam Morgan to the harmonious interplay of dark and light themes, “The Satellite Years” has been compared to epochal works by bands such as Radiohead, Botch, and Isis. Songs like “Andromeda” have been described as transcending words, while the rhythmic pulsations in tracks like “Dana Walker” offer an embrace of the band’s deeper, more contemplative side.

The band is slated to perform live on January 5th at Los Angeles’ Belasco, sharing the stage with Poison The Well and Will Haven.

This past weekend, Hopesfall delivered a captivating play-through of “The Satellite Years” in its entirety at Furnest Fest 2023.

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