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Power rockers FAKE FIGURES premiere new single “Burn the Tyrants”

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From the heart of Southern California’s emblematic metal/hardcore scene, Fake Figures makes a triumphant return, riding the wave of anticipation built by their recent single “Miasmatic”. The band is set to drop another sonic masterpiece, “Burn the Tyrants”, a stellar track from their imminent EP “From Within“.

Burn the Tyrants” isn’t just another addition to the rock milieu. It’s a melting pot of hardcore passion, metal vigour, and remarkable alt influences reminiscent of bands like Alice In Chains, Gojira, and Failure. The track stands out as a powerful rock anthem, embodying strength in its riffs and resonating with impact, despite its approachable style – making it an ideal staple for rock radio aficionados.

Steve Ludwig, Fake Figures’ frontman, opens up about the track: “Burn the Tyrants is a track about my life experiences, sort of the process of breaking through barriers and dealing with challenges I’ve had in the music industry over the past 20 or so years. There have been some great times, of course, but I’ve also faced some f&*ked up situations that challenged my passion for music and wanting to do this band thing. Ultimately, I love what I do musically and I know this music is a therapy for both myself and hopefully for the listener. We all just want to relate, right?”

Fake Figures

Fake Figures isn’t just a mere gathering of musicians; it’s a collective that boasts of members from bands like Atreyu and Scars of Tomorrow.

Earlier in September, they launched the campaign for their new EP “From Within” with the single “Miasmatic”. Slated for a release on September 29th, “From Within” can be pre-ordered now!

This EP is significant not just because it’s their latest offering after the 2019 release, “We Are Dead”, but it also marks the formal introduction of Steve Ludwig (ex-Nation’s Afire) as their lead vocalist.

Ludwig, who previously was behind the drums, has seamlessly transitioned, replacing Rus Martin. Taking over the drumming reigns is the talented Matt Horwitz.

The lineup is nothing short of illustrious, featuring the likes of Atreyu guitarist Travis Miguel, bassist Bob Bradley, guitarist Geoff Harman, and drummer Matt Horwitz. Their camaraderie and shared vision found the perfect soundboard in producer Kris Comeaux and mastering genius Mike Kalajian, bringing the EP “From Within” to life.


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