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THE DOWN HOUSE / RED WOOD 7” split premiere

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In anticipation of the December 1st release of the newest record from Austin, Texas’ Conditions Records and San Francisco’s Don’t Look Down Records, IDIOTEQ has teamed up with California’s garage-gaze post punk rockers THE DOWN HOUSE and San Francisco’s punk rockers RED WOOD to give you a full stream of their brief 2-track split offering. Both bands have placed two driving and emotionally intense songs onto a 7″ for your listening pleasure and it is my delight to share it with you. By reliving some atmospheric classic feel without ignoring modern sound, they are taking their well-deserved bows with this record. Let’s hope this is the prelude and a calculated build to the feature works from both bands.

Catch RED WOOD live with GREAT APESFACE THE RAIL, and PALE ANGELS on November 12th at Hemlock Tavern in San Francisco and THE DOWN HOUSE with STRANGE WILDS, HOLLOW SUNSHINE, VIBRATING ANTENNAS at Map Atlas Coffee Company in Santa Rosa, California on November 14th.

Here’s the official word from Conditions Records:
Occupying some of the central space in a Venn diagram that includes shoegaze, post-hardcore, and punk rock is Santa Rosa’s The Down House. Employing loud guitars with slightly distant, yet emotional vocals, the group is already building a back catalogue worth falling in love with and making out to.
Red Wood are a rich yet turbulent 4-piece from San Francisco and Santa Rosa, creating their own post-this-and-that world.
THE DOWN HOUSE commented:

“Our song is about the things we think we need to keep us feeling comfortable and safe. As for future plans, we are recording our first LP in February with Jack Shirley. Dates are set. As well as a west coast tour in the spring with The Vibrating Antennas.”


Photo by Christine.

RED WOOD added:

“Moments is about nostalgia and reflecting on the past, and how it can be self-destructive.  We’re moving into post-production on an EP we just tracked; so, we’ll see where that takes us. With its release we’ll be looking at setting up our first few tours. The other day playing Japan was brought up; that’s something we’re looking into down the line.”

“I Got My Gun” by THE DOWN HOUSE recorded, mixed, mastered by Sam Pura. “Moments” by RED WOOD recorded, mixed, mastered by Scott Goodrich.Artwork by Sarah Davis. Pressing includes 500 pieces on white vinyl. Pre-orders are available at this location.
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