Black Vinyl Player, by Anton Hooijdonk, Pexels

How to Choose a New Record Player

Black Vinyl Player, by Anton Hooijdonk, Pexels
Music has been part of people’s life for a long time, making it an international form of entertainment. Here you can find different instruments that you can use to entertain yourself musically. With the trends in technology, you will find advanced instruments that come with different shapes, options, and sizes.

In this case, a record player is one of the instruments that you can use to listen to music. This device spins records to play music. It also contains a needle that makes contact with the record for the music to play. However, choosing the best record player can be tricky, especially if you do not know the qualification. Here are tips for choosing a new record player:

1) Budget

Musical instruments require you to invest well so that it can be easy to get a higher quality. However, it all depends on the taste that you have for a record player. You can check out MultiTrackMaster to get guidance on the best record players that you can get at a lower price. These players come in different designs, making them vary in price. This is because some come in a plastic form where they have speakers without a rich sound. This can be cheap if you are not looking for a richer sound. Therefore, do more research on the best record player you can acquire.

2) Flexibility Level

Acquiring a record player requires you to research so that you can avoid buying a wreck. Here the most important thing is to look for durability. Once you put this into consideration, you will not spend money every year looking for a new record player. When choosing a new record player, check if you can upgrade certain areas that may help the player have better sound. For instance, the tonearm that holds the needle can be changed into a better version, for it to make good contact with the vinyl. Places like the platter also require flexibility so that you can avoid unnecessary vibration.


3) Features

Record players are essentials that everybody should have in their home. This classic device can play records of your favorite genre as long as you buy LPs that are in good condition. When shopping for a record player, it is important to keep in mind that most come with different features that can help you adjust the sound quality to what you want. With the trend in technology, record players have advanced in automatic mode and are even easier to use. This can be helpful since the tonearm works on its own. You only require placing the vinyl. This works differently as compared to the manual record player, where you are required to place the tonearm. The output and input module also matters since it helps you connect the player with other devices.

4) Vinyl Sizes and Speeds

Record players are designed to operate fully with vinyl. They are all round in shape so that they can be placed on the platter. This helps them to rotate and make contact with the tonearm. When you are choosing a record player, you must consider the size of the vinyl that you will use. They come in three different sizes, whereby they also operate at a different speed. The speed can be regulated manually, depending on the size. For instance, a 12-inch record plays with an RPM of 33. This implies that you can store as much music as you require.

How to Choose a New Record Player
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