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How to teach yourself to play the Guitar

It is commonly said that music is therapeutic, but how often do we consider the benefits associated with creating the music itself through playing an instrument? Listening to the right music comes with a plethora of benefits, but learning to play an instrument all by yourself is more advantageous. For instance, training to play the guitar comes with several social, personal, professional, mental and physical benefits. As you raise the mood of an audience listening to you play the guitar, you simultaneously build on your concentration and learning by mastering guitar tabs. And as you tune to different music relished by your audience, you not only boost your confidence but also attain a sense of fulfilment.

Here is how you tutor yourself into a guitarist.

Get an appropriate guitar

If you want to comfortable learn how to play the guitar, you must do so with one that is well-suited for you. With the dozens of different types of guitars at your disposal, choosing the wrong one could frustrate your journey to learning the instrument. On a different note, having the right pick increases your chances of overcoming the difficulties associated with learning. It all depends on how much you are willing to invest in your new hobby. 

With a few dollars, less than $100, you can acquire a commonplace guitar which will however not serve you so well. Therefore, as a starter guitarist passionate about learning how to play the guitar, pump a few more dollars into your first investment. May it be an acoustic, or electric guitar.

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Learn to tune your guitar

Tutoring yourself how to play the guitar will be pretty tricky if you do not know which string is which. Therefore, once you get the guitar, you love, master how to tune your guitar so that it produces music that sounds right. Tuning of guitars is not a concept that can be mastered in a few minutes. Nevertheless, there are different readily available online platforms such as suitable for learning everything guitar. 

Acquaint yourself with basic chords

Before you start plucking to your favourite hit, there are lots of basics to master, especially in terms of the octaves. Learning the chords is usually a breaking point for most to-be guitarist, which calls for patience and perseverance. No matter how clunky your chords might sound at first, don’t give up. The best way to deal with the chords is opting for their easier versions which will help you gain confidence and stability, then advance with time. 

Practice to perfection

Finally, mastering the chords, grasping a few strumming patterns, overcoming aching fingers, and managing to play a few songs from day one are all exciting. Nevertheless, without sufficient practice, the chances are that you could be forced back to the drawing board. Consequently, to cultivate your mastery of the instrument, dedicate time to practice different songs regularly. The more time you spend with your guitar, comfortably varying your fingering as you entertain yourself or an audience, the closer you are to becoming the rockstar you envisioned. 

How to teach yourself to play the Guitar
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