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WICCA PHASE SPRINGS ETERNAL blending new wave, goth emo and post punk vibes in “Moving Without Movement”

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Wicca Phase Springs Eternal may not be a typical entry on IDIOTEQ, but his latest release “Moving Without Movement” is definitely worth a share. It may have been a while since its release, but the unique blend of new wave and post-punk vibes still resonate. Led by Pennsylvania-based singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, Adam McIlwee, Wicca Phase Springs Eternal has been a fittingly enigmatic umbrella for his work since he departed from emo band Tigers Jaw in 2013.

McIlwee’s latest project, a self-titled album set to be released on June 2nd via Run For Cover Records, marks a departure from his previous work and sees him expanding his sound in new directions. Drawing on elements of house, trance, new wave, and more, the album promises to be bursting with mood and mystery, conjuring detailed imagery and cutting emotion in equal measure. According to McIlwee, he has been focusing on going deeper than ever into the world-building aspect of WPSE, while also expanding his sound in new directions.

The album’s first single, “Moving Without Movement,” is a perfect introduction to the deeply unique universe that Wicca Phase Springs Eternal offers. The track finds McIlwee delving into cinematic synth pop, with a shimmering bass line and longing melodies that would sound right at home being performed at The Roadhouse on an episode of Twin Peaks.

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Although the news may not be super fresh, it’s still worth mentioning. With the album’s release only a few weeks away, the excitement for what’s to come from Wicca Phase Springs Eternal is palpable. In addition to the album release, McIlwee has also announced two intimate album preview shows in Los Angeles and Brooklyn, which promises to be a treat for fans of his unique and enigmatic sound.


I know it doesn’t seem to hurt a lot
I assure you I’m in pain
I can feel the wind it whispers rolling in
It’s a late one
I’ll welcome you in baby

To the max and to the core
I’d invite you in to stay
On hallowed ground I’d stand around
And you’d haunt me
And I wouldn’t mind it, oh

I think about it in bed
I’d travel to you and back
I’d turn the future to past
I wanna give you it all
I want this moment so bad
Want it to linger and last

One heart one soul
Body and mind control

I’m living underneath a spell
You know how to make it right
I’m moving without movement
Where are you tonight
I’m living underneath a spell
You know how to make it right

I imagine where you’d put my hand
I’m watching how this all unfolds
I wonder if the way you hesitate
Is why I do the same
There’s a promise that I made desire, baby
It involves you
You’ll never hear me say it

I tempt fate
A black cat
Are the eyes looking back at me yours
I think about you on the way there
Baby when I get there I think of you more

Rain starts to fall
I wait for you to call
I know what I’d do
The taurus, my moon
Tells me that you’re the one

Take me down the path untamed
I can pick you up this time
I’m casting beyond casting
I’m passing through tonight

Tonight I’m gonna stay up late
I’ll be with you on the ride
If you wanna be bad baby
If you wanna live your life

I’m living underneath a spell
I’m moving without movement
I’m living underneath a spell
I’m moving without movement…

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