I DECLARE WAR loses a member

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I DECLARE WAR‘s bassist has left the band.

The band commented:

Hey guys, I know we’ve been kind of quiet over here lately so I thought I’d give you a heads up on what’s going on. We are currently booking a few NW dates in March and will be getting you the details as soon as we can. Our bass player Brent also recently stepped down from the band. We are currently working out who will be playing bass for us, so keep your eyes peeled for new info on that also. Aside from that we’ve just been writing some new stuff here and there, so keep a watch for more news on that as well. See you guys soon! 

[14 hours later]  We’re in a bit of down time with the band as you can probably tell, and during this time Brent decided it was time he stepped down from the band. We wish him the best luck in whatever he decides to do and there are no bad feelings on… 

I DECLARE WAR – “Federal Death Alliance” video:

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