IDIOTEQ is evolving!

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Now, here’s a big news. is evolving and developing!

My life is taking me to new adventures, and from now on IDIOTEQ will follow a slight different path.

IDIOTEQ remains committed to the idea of DIY and supporting music scenes of all kinds. At the same time we are giving up on reporting so much! There will be no more flood of news stories that simply blurs the most important stuff. 60-90 stories daily about all genres that surely remain our (and yours, I believe) inspiration  is just too much for a DIY project like this.

However, we will be focusing on exclusive content, interviews and all the valuable stuff that will surely interest most of you. There will be a lot more of it. We’re not giving up on sharing new videos and live clips. We’ll be recalling wicked classic materials and giving you a chance to see how people support their beliefs and share their passion.


Here’s an overview of what you can now expect from our new approach:

– expanded interviewing,
– more exclusive content (streams, etc.)
– most important stories,
– official and live videos,
– some downloads and offtopic stuff.

At the same time there will be less:

– tour dates (we’ll be smuggling it in our interviews),
– information about line-up changes,
– general / trivial news stories.

P.S.: By saying “we” I mean me and me man Mike Garcia, who does a lot of great job helping me out. Thanks man!

Support DIY, your local artists and celebrate what’s next!

Thanks for your time!


Karol Kaminski


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