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IEPER HARDCORE FEST Summer 2020: first bands announced

Here’s the moment all of us Ieperfest supporters have been waiting for: the first list of confirmed bands for the 28th summer edition. This one will happen on 3-4-5 July 2020. As always, the crew tries to book a wide variety of bands, old and new, hard and soft, hype and unknown. You name it, you get it. Early bird tickets are available as of now as well. There’s a limited amount available, so if you want, here’s your chance! The first batch of acts consists of:
  • ADDITIONAL TIME German promising hardcore band, on the road with SUBZERO in summer 2020
  • ALL OUT WAR Around for 3 decades, these Americans have set the standards for mean metalcore as we know it
  • DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR Happy to have these guys back, solid US singalong hardcore
  • HER FAULT Blackened H8000 hardcore, ex-a bunch of local bands
  • JINJER Female-fronted vegan metal from Ukraine. Believe the hype!
  • LOUD LOVE Hardcore rock ‘n roll post-punk featuring ex-members of The SETUP, CIRCLE, CAST-DOWN, etc.
  • MARTYRDÖD Amazing Swedish metalcrust back for a second Ieperfest take-over, can’t wait!
  • RENOUNCED Leading UK metalcore act, incredible live performance
  • SUBZERO So happy to welcome these US hardcore veterans for their very first Ieperfest performance!
  • WISDOM IN CHAINS Our Friday headliners, back after having to cancel last year’s edition
  • WOLVENNEST Michel Kirby (LENGTH OF TIME, ARKANGEL, etc) & co on a dark, blackened, psychedelic, electronic trip

IEPERFEST 2020 poster

The Ieperfest crew commented:

This year’s concept proved to work out really well: slightly smaller and cosier, fewer bands, etc. The festival setup also seemed to be the best one we’ve ever had. We stick to all of that for 2020!

Ieperfest 2020 lineup-min

IEPER HARDCORE FEST Summer 2020: first bands announced
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