Harley Flanagan at Ieperfest
Harley Flanagan at Ieperfest

Ieperfest 2018 details: SHELTER, CONVERGE, DOOM, CONFLICT, COMEBACK KID & more announced! [UPDATE]!

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Belgium’s Ieperfest has announced another round of bands confirmed for this year’s 26th edition on August 10/11/12. Opening theis year’s first lineup included CONVERGE, COMEBACK KID, HEXIS (see our recent interview HERE), DAMIEN DONE, DISCHARGE, DOOM, FOR THE GLORY, DEZERTER, BAD LUCK 13, MOSKWA, Greg Bennick, and more, and the newest round adds huge names like SHELTER (!), CARNIFEX, COCKNEY REJECTS, COUNTERPARTS, SWORN ENEMY, BROKEN TEETH, and more! See the full line-up below.

The early bird ticket sale is still going strong. There is only a limited amount of tickets available, so get them while you still can!

UPDATE // August 5th – replacements & technical info:

Bands. 2 out, 2 in. RAMALLAH regret they have to cancel their performance. Due to guitarist Jason’s health problems, it simply isn’t possible to come over to play the fest. Also BAD LUCK 13 will not be able to make it. We have 2 replacements. 25 TA LIFE (US) will be coming over for an exclusive European summer show. ZRADA (UA) will also give their very best. Check out the band pages for more info.

The schedule is also available!

Presale is still going strong!! Thanks so much for your support. Without you the fest simply wouldn’t be possible.

We start at noon each day. Come early and support the local bands!

The camp site won’t be open until Friday morning 10 August at 8h00 (am). If you wanna camp on Thursday, please use the official Ieper camp site.

In our merch tent, various labels and distros will be present: BDHW RecDemons Run AmokPower It UpReality Records, Arte Rock Influenza, Kick Out The Jams and Flood Records


May 25th announcement:

We added xWASTEx from Sweden to the line-up. Expect shredding female fronted fast forward straight-edge hardcore. Due to various reasons, RATS IN THE WALL and WEIRDOS had to cancel their performance.

This Saturday 26 May! “Verse Vis” contest in cooperation with De Zwerver. 8 bands will give the best of themselves. The winner will hit the Ieperfest stage on 11 August. More info on who’s playing here. If all goes according to plan, our brand new website will be launched next week. Can’t wait!!

May 16th announcement:

6 bands in:

  • CELESTE French rock ‘n roll sludge gods with an exclusive Belgian summer performance
  • CLIMATE OF FEAR Hitting the road with MERAUDER this summer, ex-DESOLATED.
  • DARKSIDE NYC Holy shite!! New York cult band we thought we’d never see again. Exclusive European show for 2018!
  • DEEZ NUTS MLB to NYC, ready to get all of you swing hard again during their next Ieperfest performance
  • MERAUDER First time ever at Ieperfest for these US master killers, the true titans of dark ‘n mean metallic hardcore.
  • RATOS DE PORAO Brazil’s hardcore/punk veterans coming over for just 3 European summer shows. Only their 2nd time ever at Ieperfest.

1 band out: FOR THE GLORY have called it quits. Too bad, would have loved to see Ricardo and crew again. Good luck with your future projects guys.
So just 2 more open spots left.

March 20th additions:

  • DAYS OF RAGE First Euro tour for these Canadian hardcore punks with a message
  • DEATH THREAT Legendary US hardcore act with their highly anticipated Ieperfest debut. Exclusive European 20 year anniversary show!
  • HIGH ON FIRE Another US top act that will entertain us in Flanders’ fields for the very first time. Woow! Exclusive Belgian show in 2018.
  • HIRAX American thrash metal outfit that has been around for almost 35 years
  • LOST BARON H8000 dark rockers mixing sludge, stoner and metal
  • MAUDLIN H8000 doomy psychedelic progrockers finally back at the fest to present their new album
  • SPIRIT CRUSHER Upcoming German hardcore act “inspired by NYHC, the 90s and the straight-edge”
  • SPIRITS Melodic straight ahead US hardcore
  • TAKE OFFENSE American crossover hardcore for the win. Back at the fest for the second time.
  • TEMPEST Eco warriors of various countries teaming up. Ex-UNDYING.
  • TURBOWARRIOR OF STEEL H8000 heavy metal heroes, always a party, always a blast!

March 6th announcement:

  • BAD LUCK 13 Hard as nails, tuff as tuff ass US hardcore
  • BATTALION OF SAINTS  Legendary US hardcore/punk cult band. Legendary ànd cult? Hell yes!
  • CHRONIC DISEASE Belgian fastcore giants amping up for their first show since … 1991. Imagine that!
  • The CRYPTICS Straight ahead US hardcore/punk privileged to tour alongside BATTALION OF SAINTS
  • xDEVOURx Belgian chugga chugga hardcore putting the edge back on the map.
  • DEZERTER Polish cult hardcore/punk, around since the 80s. Having these guys on the bill is a dream come true!
  • DOYLE Mr Von Frankenstein coming to haunt ghosts in Flanders’ Fields. MISFITS any one?
  • HIEROPHANT Italy’s kings of blackened metalpunk with a strong Clevo hardcore nudge
  • OI POLLOI Are you punx or mice? Come out and prove it!
  • RAMALLAH Coming over for an exclusive 2018 European show. Come and sing along!
  • RATS IN THE WALL Snotty US punk by LEFTOVER CRACK dudes with shredding female vocals
  • UNCURED US metal on the rise, ready to conquer Europe with JASTA
  • WITCH TRAIL Belgian blackened post metal dink punk


February 20th announcement:

  • AGATHOCLES Belgium’s mincecore godfathers, back for their 2nd performance
  • AGROTOXICO Brazil hardcore/punk band celebrating its 25 year anniversary
  • The ARSON PROJECT Swedish grinding death metal hitting the road together with HEXIS
  • BROKEN TEETH   Manchester hardcore that amazed many on this year’s Persistence tour
  • CARNIFEX US tech melodic death metal back in Flanders’ fields
  • COCKNEY REJECTS First time ever at Ieperfest for these UK oi/punk pioneers
  • COUNTERPARTS Melodic Canadian hardcore as seen on tour with ARCHITECTS just recently
  • CROWSVIEW Brand new H8000 metalcore act influenced by SLAYER, ARKANGEL and MORNING AGAIN
  • JASTA Jamey HATEBREED’s other band, first Ieperfest appearance
  • JUKAI Heavy ‘n metallic New Yorkers that remind of ACME, BLOODLET & INDECISION
  • LENG TCH’E Belgian razor edge grind metal for fans of NASUM and DYING FETUS
  • MALEVOLENCE  UK’s top band mixing the best of metalcore and doom metal
  • RAVAGE RITUAL H8000 sound all the way from Finland. Fans of INTEGRITY, CONGRESS and RINGWORM take note
  • ROTTEN SOUND All the way from Finland, finally at Ieperfest to celebrate 25 years of grindcore and chaos
  • SHELTER Headlining the fest on Friday, first time ever at Ieperfest! Just a handful EU shows in 2018.
  • SLANDER Upcoming Italian hardcore act; mean, fast & furious!
  • SWORN ENEMY  US metallic hardcore back on the map with a special 15 years “As Real As It Gets” set
  • UNION 13 Straight ahead Los Angeles singalong punkrock
  • VONNIS Gent based blackened power violence crust on Consouling records
  • WALK THE PLANK Washington DC melodic hardcore punk with a message

January 23rd announcement:

  • ACIDEZ Mexican streetpunk heroes
  • ALBEZ DUZ Berliner doom metal
  • COFFINS Japan’s masters om doom & gloom, back for the second time
  • COMEBACK KID Fast melodic hardcore, always a blast
  • CONFLICT UK political punk godfathers
  • CONVERGE No introduction needed, right?
  • CROSSFACE Putting H8000 hardcore on the map again
  • DAMIEN DONE Dark wave-ish rock by former hardcore scenestars
  • DISCHARGE Why Why Why? Another UK punk legend.
  • DOOM The gods of European crust dis-punk
  • DROWNING Upcoming US hardcore kids
  • FOR THE GLORY Portugal’s hardcore leaders
  • GET THE SHOT Canadian hardcore attack. Fabulous live band!
  • GREG BENNICK spoken word performance
  • HEADSHOT H8000 hardcore mosh
  • HEXIS Danish hardcore dynamite meets doomy black metal, yeah
  • JODIE FASTER From Lille (FR), faster than Jodie and her seatbelt!
  • LA JUNGLE Belgian math/kraut/trance-rock. Bring your dancing shoes!
  • LOTUS Belgian hardcore with attitude
  • MOSKWA Polish punk heroes back on the map
  • PAURA Brazil hardcore power, second time at Ieperfest
  • PROCESS OF GUILT Portugal’s sludge/math rockers
  • PSYCHO ENHANCER Stomping American moshaholics
  • SLOPE German hardcore/crossover kids back at it
  • The WEIRDOS First Los Angeles punk band, been around since late the 70s!
  • WISDOM IN CHAINS Fabulous American solid hardcore
  • ZOHASTRE Experimental ‘n psychedelic UK postrock

Up next: Ieperfest green policy cross-border cooperation (Demo/Interreg), start of early bird presale, website updates, etc.


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