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IF THESE TREES COULD TALK interviewed by Nothing But Hope And Passion

Nothing But Hope And Passion magazine conducted an interview with one of our favourite post rock bands IF THESE TREES COULD TALK.

Check it out:

This year the American postrock band IF THESE TREES COULD TALK were on their first European Tour – which was presented by Nothing But Hope And Passion, we want to take the chance to talk to you about your experiences and impressions of that tour. Further you released you new album Red Forest in march.

Although most people should know you, please introduce yourself, what you do and why. And of course: where does your band-name come from? You often call yourself “the trees” – are you those trees that talk?
Hello. My name is Mike, and I play guitar in the band. The name actually comes from a saying that Zack and Cody’s grandfather used to say. He has since passed, but we decided to use the name as a homage to him.

What does postrock mean to you – or: does postrock mean anything to you?
To be honest, it doesn’t mean much to us aside from the descriptor that is used to explain our music. We are neither for or against it, but rather look at it as “it is what it is”.

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