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IGNITE: ‘A War Against You’ studio videos [UPDATE]

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Watch IGNITE writing and recording their new album ‘A War Against You’ with Cameron Webb, Brett Rasmussen and Brian Balchack and hearc the new track “Nothing Can Stop Me”, released earlier this month. The new album will be released on January 8th and will be supported on an impressive live trek with TERROR, WISDOM IN CHAINS, H2O and more bands.

IGNITE is back! “A War Against You” is the sound of IGNITE taking a stand and delivering a record without borders or boundaries. The much-anticipated follow-up to the Southern California band’s 2006 watershed moment, “Our Darkest Days”, the album affirms that IGNITE is still rooted in the energy and melodicism of hardcore’s salad days, while proving themselves not merely a great punk or hardcore band, but a great band in their own right. Songs like the driving opener “Begin Again”, the first single “Nothing Can Stop Me” or “Oh No Not Again”, a massively anthemic track providing a stirring snapshot of life during the everyday wartime, IGNITE are as engaged as ever and remained true to themselves musically. “My calling has always been to play music to make a change,” says vocalist Zoli Teglas, who is actively involved with Sea Shepherd as well as his own Pelican Rescue Team. “If I’m not going to do that then I shouldn’t be onstage.” So, IGNITE are not just masters of melodic hardcore, but also a constant reminder to battle against the superficiality, ignorance, intolerance all too common in this day and age.

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