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IN SHORTS #52 📢 quick news 2019 opener

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Detroit straight edge pack FREEDOM has called it quits. Rest in Peace, 2012-2018. Their only LP “USA Hardcore” was released 3 years ago via Triple B Records.


Norwegian melodic hardcore act DEATH IS NOT GLAMOROUS has issued a cryptic New Year message teasing a possible return in 2019! The band released their latest record, a split with SHOOK ONES, in 2013. GO HERE to read our recent interview with SHOOK ONES and stay tuned for more news on DEATH IS NOT GLAMOROUS!

To friends near and far,
Happy new year!

The debut LP from emo punk / post hardcore act PLEASE, BELIEVE from Scotland featuring ex members of BONEHOUSE has been premiered online by Middle-Man Records, I.Corrupt.Records and Make That A Take Records! The records will ship sometime in February ’19.

Screamo label Zegema Beach Records have issued 3 new worthy releases worth your check. See the details below.

CROWNING / MAR ÉE NOIRE – Split cassette EP (ZBR135)

ffo: Youth Funeral, Itto, Loma Prieta, Kid Feral, Hundreds Of AU and Minaret.

This unbelievable split came about because the tour bands toured together in late 2017 in Canada, forging a tight bond that is now solidified on a small run of tapes. Both bands offer up three new jams, but alternate with each new track, making for a more cohesive listen that is more of a collaboration that a split. Chicago’s CROWNING continue to build a name for themselves, and with just reason, these songs are short, fiery blasts that are reminiscent of vocalist James’ old band Itto as well as Youth Funeral. Quebec’s MARÉE NOIRE drop three much more chaotic and aggressive tunes than their 2017 demo EP, falling somewhere between Kid Feral and Minaret.
cassette on rubine red/150 in an o-card.

CURTAINS / NEW RUINS – haliXkaliV2 cassetteEP (ZBR138)

ffo: Loma Prieta, Kid Feral, Examination Of The…, The Fall Of Troy, Prize The Doubt and Shizune.

This new split between Halifax’s NEW RUINS (members of Frail Hands, Heisse) and California’s CURTAINS (members of SeeYouSpaceCowboy, Ghost Spirit) is a sensational 17-minute jaunt through eerie/screamy post-hardcore and treacherous emo-violence. CURTAINS rip through five songs in a little over as many minutes, while NEW RUINS build palaces and then proceed to topple them.
clear/smoky grey/blue tapes/75 with j-card and download code in a resealable plastic sleeve. 5 songs by C and 2 by NR.

ZAMPLER #12 – Oh God, We’re Gonna Die cd compilation

A prodigious 34-track sampler of the latest Zegema Beach releases, including 14 that have are previously unreleased! Check out new songs by Lytic, Nuvolascura, Senza, Shizune, IEatHeartAttacks, Sleeper Wave, People’s Temple Project and more, as well as previously released material from Respire, Coarse, Blind Girls, Sans Visage, Komuso, Crowning, Binary, etc. Seriously, if you are looking for new/heavy bands and want new stuff from all over the globe this hour-and-a-half will be blissful for you. This is the 12th installment of the bi-annual zampler series, with #13 coming July 1st, 2019.

Members of Singapore acts Marijannah, The Caulfield Cult & Bruised Willies have started a new melodic hardcore band ABATTOIRBLUES with a sound akin to the roster of Bridge 9 Records & Rivalry Records in the mid 00s – Verse, The Effort, Ruiner, Killing The Dream. The lyrical themes hit hard on the topics of animal rights and veganism.

“No being is cultivated or created for purpose of pain and suffering, your heart disease and obesity. To fill the pockets of these businessmen, modern day merchants of death of a fucked up industry”.

12 Newer Hardcore Bands to Check Out in 2019 – new cool feature on NoEcho has landed online: GO HERE to check it out.

San Diego haunting post punk act SILENT have premiered a new track in cooperation with Three One G Records. Listen to “Prayers For Rain” and find out more about the band below:

Mexicali’s Silent (featuring members of All Leather and Maniqui Lazer) have crept out of relative quietude as of late to share a track— the first new material in over a year to be shared with the public— which just so happens to be a cover of OG goths, The Cure. Full of the wailing guitar and tormented vocals one would hope for and expect with anything Cure-related, the band takes “Prayers for Rain” and gives it a slightly heavier, faster feel that is authentically “Silent” in its approach and tone. We suspect this won’t be the last you’ll hear from them in 2019.

This track is available for free as a somewhat bleak welcome to the new year, from your friends here at Three One G.

Vilnius, Lithuania based screamo/black metal/hardcore act RED WATER have released a new massive record “No Life Left To Take”. Be sure to check it out!

This might be one of the most underrated live bands around. Red Water has been rehearsing since 2010 maybe, but constant line-up changes made it difficult to reach the zenith point of potential this band has. Compiled of long-time members of mostly punk scene, these guys are known personas in local scene, having been played in The Sold Outs, Autism, No Real Pioneers, ZLP GNR and more. Finally, Red Water presents a long-awaited professionally recorded studio album of 5 songs themselves.

“No Life Left To Take” marks a change in Red Water’s sound: the 5 piece ensemble still recreates post-hardcore and screamo details, but also moves towards more black-metal influenced sound. Fast dynamics go hand in hand with fast tempos seasoned with disharmonic interludes and harsh vocals. Chopped rhythmic bumps forward to up-tempo blast beats and back again. Not an easy-listening album for sure, but a memorable one, expressing one of more interesting actions in Vilnius’ live music underground.

Yogyakarta metallic hardcore act CLOUDBURST is back with self-titled album, coming out January 4 2019. The nine tracks embody a metallic hardcore aesthetic, full of discord and brutality yet still melodic and charming. The chaotic influences of bands like Converge and Botch mix seamlessly with shredding guitar solos from Slayer, Keith Moon-ish pounding drums, and maniac vocals reminiscent of Pig Destroyer and Cattle Decapitation.

Cloudburst is a metallic hardcore band from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Formed in 2011, they released both a demo and a split album (with hometown friends Warmouth) in 2014. Their first full length, 2016’s Crying of Broken Beauty, was critically acclaimed by the Indonesian metal/hardcore press and included in The Metal Rebel’s 20 Best Indonesian Metal Albums 2016. The band toured Indonesia in support of this album, also making stops in Malaysia and Singapore.

SHOT TWICE (ex Поминай как звали), an emoviolence band from Russia, have released a new crushing EP called “Worsen”. Listen below.

Folk punk rocker Kevin Seconds has released a new tune called “Hot Itch Inside”

Malaysian experimental post metal act STAR ORDER has unleashed its debut record “Beautiful Heavy”. Listen below.

“After completing another two of one-man band before (SINGULAR / DIZGUTED) where his genres were more towards Metallic / Hardcore Punk he took steps to produce more music that brought him back to his original nature. STAR ORDER is his most recent quote to Sludge, Doom and Post Metal and takes effect from the band’s modern day doom like Pallbearer, Khemmis and YOB.The theme of this first album is about space, creation and nature. This release spanning about 32 minutes also answers to a mix of various genres from Doom to Post/Space Rock”

Spanish punk rock act BLOWFUSE have premiered a new song called “Angry John”, off their new LP “Daily Ritual”, out on February 8th 2019 via Paper + Plastick Records.

Blowfuse is an alternative rock band that emerged in 2013 in Barcelona, Spain. Inspired by a wide range of music styles such as punk, rock, hardcore, grunge, funk… and marked by a frenetic and dissatisfied generation, Blowfuse continuesly attempts to create a unique sound of their own and a distinct way of expressing themselves that leaves nobody indifferent. The band’s crazy live performances and the energetic skateboarding lifestyle that took part of their lives makes them one of the funniest bands to watch live and brings their shows to another level. Catchy but straightforward, melodic but furious, sharp but groovy… A great recipe that always tastes like more.

The single is old school punk rock from head to toe, frenetic rhythmic guitars, ‘in your face’ drum beats, a catchy melodic chorus & restless vocals are the ingredients for this song that deals with anxiety. Everyone has to deal with that ‘John’ once in a lifetime, he’s a reflection of selfish society where blaming the neighbor is the easiest way to justify our misfortunes, instead of facing our own problems from the start. / The Punk Site

Metalcore act EVERGREEN TERRACE are working on their new relese. Here are some of the new demos they’ve just released. The band’slatest record Dead Horses was released in 2013 via Rise Records.

SUICIDAL TENDENCIES have premiered a new music video for their song “All Kinda Crazy“, featuring former The Dillinger Escape Plan guitarist Ben Weinman, who was touring with the Suicidals last year.

Sadcore Trash duo GLOOMY STARS has morpherd into a new project dubbed BASEMENT STARS. Listen to their new track below and stay tuned for a full EP soon.

Basement Stars is a lo-fi experimental duo from Berlin, founded in November 2018 by the German female-singer Koko and the Swiss Gary Sinnlos (ABGAS/GLOOMY STARS) on guitar and noise. Pure Sadcore Trash!

Massachusetts melodic hardcore act CRAFTER have premiered a new single called “Collecting Loses”. Check it out and learn more via NoEcho! The new jam comes from the band’s new record Lasting Efforts, to be released in March 2019 via Patient Zero Records.


Singapore emo math pop punk rockers FORESTS (read our introductory interview HERE) are back with a new oustanding record “Spending Eternity In A Japanese Convenience Store”. Simultaneously sad, strange, utterly dynamic, and warmly nostalgic, the new LP from FORESTS is excitingly listenable and emotionally connected! Listen below!

Florida experimental math-prog noise duo JITTERS are streaming a jaw-dropping new track called Marv’s Back, coming from their new LP “The Carrot”! What a wicked way to kick off the year of this kind of music. Dig it!

UK melodic hardcore pack GET IT TOGETHER have unleashed a new power tune called “Metamorphosis”. The track comes from the band’s new LP Live Free, to be released on April 1st, 2019.

Post rock band CASPIAN is teasing their 5th LP and another European tour in 2019. See the full message from the band below. GO HERE to read our interview on their latest LP “Dust And Disquie”.

Dear Friends and Fans,

2018 was a year of light and shade for us, highlighted by two outstanding tours of Europe and North America alongside two of our favorite bands out there, and some productive band writing sessions peppered sporadically in between. All in all it felt like a healthy way to come back online after a brief hiatus and gently grease the wheels. There will be breakneck times ahead for us in the future again, but for now, 2018 felt like the thoughtful way to resurface and hopefully keep the home fire burning without spiraling it into a full on blaze.

Looking ahead to 2019, we will %100 be recording our 5th full length album, most likely sometime around May / June. As you’ve noticed, these things take increasing amounts of time for us and your patience has been appreciated. Rest assured we are going to get it done in the coming year and it will most likely be the highlight of it for us. As for shows, we’ve got a few things coming together over in Europe for next summer, but for now the the main priority is to get this album done, come hell or high water, and to do it with as much singular, uncluttered focus as can muster up.

If you made it out to a gig, bought a record or shared a conversation of any kind with us this last year, thank you. The world is becoming an increasingly strange place to be, and being in a rock and roll band within it has never felt more peculiar, challenging and yet ultimately rewarding.

All the best and many happy returns to you and yours for 2019,

Beverly, Massachusetts
December 31, 2018

Norwegian experimental act MoE (see our 2015 interview HERE) have premiered their new LP “Oslo Janus (IV)”, a solid dose of mind-bending psychedelia that serves a brilliant exploration of unexpected interactions of sounds. Exceptional.

The Norwegian band MoE is known for mixing their minimalistic compositions with alternative and experimental approaches that fails to fit in the rock genre. With countless collaborations exceeding the borders of rock and noise, MoE seeks the absolute presence in the execution of the music. Loud and violently, they molest their instruments and brings the listener closer to a healthy insanity.

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