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Best of Hardcore 2018: heavy selection from xDEVOURx

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After our recent widely read 2018 wrap-up from Andrew Kline of STRIFE and WAR Records, we’re back with a brief, yet meaty recap from metallic hardcore act xDEVOURx from Limburg, Belgium. Get some inspirations and see how many of them you’ve checked out yourself! Also, don’t miss out on the rest of the wrap-ups HERE.

The amount of good music that came out in 2018 is just enormous. Getting a top ‘best off’ together isn’t easy with new releases by bands like Terror, Sick of it All, Slapshot, Racetraitor, Morning Again.

2018 marked a year in which female fronted bands like Slow Crush, Clueless, Dying Wish, Initiate, Dying for it, Redbait, Clearxcut, Withxwar,… released some great music.

But also local Belgian bands like Escape, Titan, Mindwar, Diss Guy, Soul Grip, Animal Club put their mark on this musical year!

Serration / Dying Wish split:


Diss Guy – SELF

Wake of Humanity – FIGHT​/​RESIST

XREIGNX – plit with xDEVOURx

Clearxcut – The Vegan Straight Edge

Discourage – self-titled

Portrayal of Guilt – Let Pain Be Your Guide

Trail of Lies – W.A.R.

Precious – Sick Rooms

Escape – Nothing But Filth

Year of the knife – First State Aggression

Harm’s Way – Posthuman

Hangman’s chair – BANLIEUE TRISTE

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