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Indie emo rocker Alex B. Kurbis shares new EP “never had a chance, mind.”

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On the first of December, amidst the clamor of contemporary releases, Alex B Kurbis offers a respite with his latest endeavor, “never had a chance, mind.” The EP, meticulously pieced together in the solitary refuge of his Bomb Shelter, unfolds as a four-track chronicle of personal evolution and the unexpected turns of life.

Mastered with precision by Joe Caithness and enriched by the vocal harmonies of Alice B Kurbis, this collection is a testament to the artist’s solitary creative process. The opening track “Onion Heart” delivers an introspective look at self-improvement, inspired by the influences of a supportive partner and the storytelling of Kevin Smith. It’s an anthem that acknowledges the incremental steps towards becoming a better version of oneself.

Pedestrian Roulette” takes a whimsical turn, narrating a chance encounter turned collision on the bike paths of life, wrapped in a melody that belies the potential gravity of such moments. Here, Kurbis weaves the threads of a memory, rendering it in song with a touch of romanticism that only music can afford.

Something Nice” emerges as a ballad born from the chaos of a hailstorm, transforming a moment of trauma into a cathartic release. It’s in this track that Kurbis captures the shards of a shattered day, crafting them into a narrative that resonates with the fragility and resilience of the human spirit.

The closing piece, “Plancton/Commute,” is a dual-themed exploration into the pervasive financial struggles that bind so many, paired with the ubiquitous experience of train commutes. It’s a poignant commentary on the systemic confines that restrict financial growth, set against the backdrop of the rhythms and routines of daily transit.

Introducing emo indie rocker ALEX B KURBIS

Kurbis’ “never had a chance, mind.” is a snapshot of life’s nuanced chapters. It’s an EP that invites listeners to pause and reflect on their own journey, with Kurbis as the troubadour narrating the shared stories of growth, mishap, adversity, and the ceaseless pursuit of progress.

With gratitude extended to his family—Mikhail T Kurbis, Jervis Kurbis, Rubi K Kurbis, and Miguel K Kurbis—Alex B Kurbis’ latest work stands as a sonic homage to the collaborative spirit, even when the journey is predominantly a solitary one.

“never had a chance, mind.” is available for streaming and download, offering a high-fidelity window into Kurbis’ sheltered world of creation—a world where each note is a footprint, and every song is a path walked, sometimes stumbled upon, but always embraced.


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