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INFINITE VOID / MOTH split streaming in full!

New stuff from Melbourne’s favourite post-punkers INFINITE VOID who have teamed up with friends from Copenhagen MOTH have unleshed a killer split record, available now for your listening pleasure! Catchy hooks, dark, shoegazin’ atmosphere, and beat-driven sound of never ending night trip. Read the official word from Contraszt! Records and stream it below.


INFINITE VOID’s track “Even Ground” is gorgeous. Jacquie Hynes’ (also of THE DIAMOND SEA and DEEP HEAT) vocals glimmer over guitars drenched with syrupy chorus and delay and a rhythm section that keeps the whole song moving and adds a significant amount of heft. MOTH deliver the  catchy hit “I dream in black and white”…synthie driven Post Punk & Wave, that i never thought CONTRASZT! REC. would release, but i totally love it!!! This is a combined effort by three labels Contraszt! Records ( Germany) // Mass Media Records (US) // Unwound Records (AUS). Vinyl comes in three colours: Purple (EU), Orange (US), Green (Aus).

Orange (only a handful available):

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