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Introducing: noisy, gritty duo DAMMIT DOLLY

Grungy riffs, dirty, noisy drums, ear-wrenching vocals: welcome to the world of harsh and eerie, industrial noise-punk duo DAMMIT DOLLY!

Their coarse take on fuzzy noise rock and ugly post hardcore sits somewhere between a number of styles and floods the gap between contrary music ascendancies with a handful of risks. Intrigued by their sole single, we sat down with the band’s Robert Anthony Davis to find out more about their new single, the project, and to see what they have lined up for next.

Let’s be real, Killer is a drug song. It’s about pushing away the most important people in your life with your destructive behavior. I lost my best friend and partner in crime because of the way I behaved while I was making some poor choices with my life. And I’m sure most the lyrics I write for future songs will follow the same theme. This song was mostly about being angry at myself about it. I’m sure I’ll end up writing about the apologies I wish I got the chance to deliver, and the regret that I live with every day. Stay tuned for more, folks.

Dammit Dolly consists of Stephen Hines and myself (Robert Anthony Davis). I guess that makes us a duo as opposed to a band. We both contribute guitars, bass, drums, and vocals. On this track, Killer, it was me (Robert) on guitars and vocals, and Stephen on bass and drums. We both used to play in a band called Ghost Stories, and we used to write some heavier and noisier music on the side for fun. Dammit Dolly is that music finally seeing the light of day. Stephen also plays in a band called Stoop Kids that y’all should definitely check out.

Dammit Dolly in 2020

Hmm, well, like I mentioned earlier, we’re only a two piece. So we don’t have any plans for shows anytime soon. I’m sure if the chance to grab another musician or two pops up, we’ll take it, and we’ll play some shows. I know we both think playing this stuff live would be a lot of fun. But for right now, I think we’re looking at this solely as a writing and recording project. We just wanna record songs and put them out.

Coronavirus situation

I think the whole Covid-19 thing is pretty wild. I’m 26 years old right now, and I don’t think I can recall a time in my life when I’ve been told I pretty much have to stay home. I’m not usually too big on being told what to do, but I definitely understand the reasoning behind this one. Things like this are so depressing and energy consuming though. I’m a big fan of pro wrestling and right now AEW and WWE are doing empty arena shows, and apparently this year Wrestlemania is gonna be an empty arena show. So I’ll tell you what, this virus is messing with my wrestling. Haha but in all reality, I hope everyone is staying as safe and as healthy as possible.

Introducing: noisy, gritty duo DAMMIT DOLLY
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