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Introducing: depressive ambient screamo act ETT TURBULENT LIV

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With his latest solo effort, Västra Götaland County, Sweden’s ETT TURBULENT LIV forces the listener to re-examine screamo and post rock music status quo while taking another giant stride as a one man band. Combining depressive and atmospheric depths and counteracting them with fierce forces and tensions, the record sounds utterly refreshing and promises a healthy future for Vile. Only if he hasn’t decided to take the title of this record in a very literal way.

Album cover by Elin Bylund Andersson


Vile – Guitar, bass, some pretty singing, ugly singing, production, recording, mixing, mastering, lyrics
Per – Drums.
Nora (Del III) – Vocals on “Indiansommar”, back-up vocals on “Ett Turbulent Liv”
Fay – Lyrics & vocals on “Restless”
Björk – Lyrics & vocals on “Hums In The Dark”
Tobias – Some rhythm guitar on “Ett Turbulent Liv”, drums on “Limbo” + general feedback and invaluable advice

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