Introducing: Finnish melodic hardcore band STILL BEATING

Presented through their recent video for the track “Born Sinner”, Helsinki’s STILL BEATING proved that they are able to compose some nice rockin’ catchy hardcore tunes. Their music video received over ten thousand plays on YouTube and let’s hope they will find great success with their upcoming new record, a follow up to their debut EP “The Fight for Tomorrow’s Dreams”, released back in 2013. Mixing together heaviness with emotionally charged melodic riffs, STILL BEATING find themselves poised at being one of the next big thing within the melodic hardcore style. Looking forward to hear more of these guys.

Catch the band live on April 3rd in Pori, Finland, alongside NO SECOND THOUGHT and TRYER. Go here to see the details and scroll down to read the interview.

Live photos by Annina Sinisalo.

Hi there buddies! What’s up? Please introduce the band to our readers.

Hey, what’s up! We’re a 5-piece, melodic hardcore band from Finland.

Where in Finland are you based ? Can you shoot us a brief report on your local music scene?

We’re from Helsinki, southern Finland. It’s pretty cold out here at the moment! The scene in Helsinki, and overall Finland, is alive and well. There’s plenty of live shows going around all year long. The quality of most Finnish hardcore bands are top notch aswell. But only few seem to get the recognition they deserve.

Do you have any other local projects we should keep an eye out for?

Me, our drummer Viktor and our Singer juuso play in another band called THIRD CHANCE. It’s more traditional hardcore, with a lot of groove. I play guitar in that one. We just recorded 4 tracks, 2 are up in youtube and we’re doing a split 7´ inch later this year with our friends Locked Up. It’s a nice project for us, since we’re all playing different instruments. You can check it out below and reach us via


Ok, so who’s idea was it to form STILL BEATING? What other bands have the members of SB been involved in?

Me, Viktor and Jaakko started the band in autumn, 2011. We all had been jamming together before and Jaakko and I played in the same crust punk band together. STILL BEATING recorded its first demo in spring 2012 and around that time Juuso (vocals) and Jukka (guitar) joined the band and the line-up was complete. Juuso was singing in a metal band UNTIL WE COLLAPSE since just recently.

How does this band fit along with your other current activities? Do you have a particular goal for this crew?

It’s a struggle sometimes. We all have different jobs and some of us are studying so it’s been hard to even have time to rehearse at some points. But we’re trying to play together as much as we can. The students are both graduating in the next few months, so it will ease-out after that. Our goal is to make good music with a strong message. In the future we are also trying to tour as much as we can.


Whilst developing this band so far, what has been your most memorable moment?

I guess just playing live in general. There’s been a few shows that stand out, but we all like to play gigs so that’s always memorable, and guaranteed fun. We’ve always got very positive feedback from our energetic live performances. Also, shooting our music video for “Born Sinner” was pretty fun experience. None of us have ever done that before.

Ok buddies. It’s been some time since your debut EP. You recently released the official video for your song “Born Sinner”. Tell us more about the track and the record it comes from.

Juuso (vocals): ‘Born Sinner’ is an anthem for modern society. Everything is fast, efficient and having more is more important than having enough. To me it is a very clear statement and very much inspired by Eddie Vedders song ‘society’. The new songs deal with so called first world problems and how our lives have become more shallow and that we really need to make a change.

What will the next 12 months hold for you? Tell us about your future plans, both regarding recording, touring, and other activities supporting the STILL BEATING brand.

We have already recorded and mastered our next 5-song EP, “The Writing’s on the Wall”. We’ve been contacting a few labels if they would be interested in putting it out. If that doesn’t go anywhere, we’ll release it by ourselves. Probably with a 7´ inch with a download code. We also have 4-5 songs ready for our debut full-length album already, and more songs are coming fast.

We got a few shows in Finland coming up this spring, and at the end of April we’re playing at a VANS endorsement party. I don’t have that much information about it yet, but i think it will be quite big. At the end of May we’re doing 2-3 shows in Sweden. Later this year we’re trying to put up a small European tour.

Cool. Thanks for the update guys! Take care!

Thanks a lot for the interview! Keep it real.

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