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Featured on the newest edition of Post-Rock PL compilation titled the Landscape After The Flood, SPIRAL open up a new series of articles and interviews documenting some of the bands that teamed up for this amazing project. This opening interview is an attempt to bring more awareness to the impressiveness of the female voice and this particular approach, in which a band blends atmospheric soundscapes with rock, or even pop stylings to form a truly cozy and pleasant sound. I think it will be very interesting to see and listen how their music progresses as, but I truyl believe SPIRAL would flourish under the wings of even more experimental approach to rock.

April 1st 2015 marked exactly a year after the premiere of the band’s album “Cloud Kingdoms!” Grab it here and don’t forget to taste all three compilations by Post-Rock PL.

Questions asked:

1. Hey guys! What’s up? What are you up to at the moment? :)

2. Ok, so let’s take first things first and reveal some more basic details on the band. How did SPIRAL come about and what was the process that lead to you forming this band?

3. How about the times when you first began exploring progressive and more experimental music?

4. In the times of lack of new music from DREDG, you seem to be a perfect substitute for fans of their work. Tell us more about your inspirations for making this particular style of music.

5. Your local scene seems to consist of many experimental and post rockish acts. Tell us more about Rzeszow and its musical environment.

6. Ok, back to the band. You released your second album 5 years after the premiere of your debut record. How has SPIRAL developed since its beginnings?

7. What were some of the biggest challenges you faced when approaching to write for the album?

8. How was the recording process? What equipment did you use?

9. Can you tell us about your promotional and distribution strategy for this record? Who is Sound Brilliance Records and what was your plan to take this record to the people?

10. What was it that you wanted to achieve with “Cloud Kingdoms”?

11. How about the concept behind the record? Is there a back story that defines this effort?

12. Where can we catch you live in the coming months? How do you feel about performing these tracks live?

13. Do you see yourselves doing any bigger touring abroad?

14. Ok guys, so what is the band working on now? Is there more music in the pipeline? Or do we have to wait another 4 years to hear more tunes from SPIRAL? :)

15. Thanks a lot for your time, buddies! Feel free to add your final words and many thanks for the interview! Take care!

SPIRAL official website
SPIRAL Facebook
SPIRAL Bandcamp
SPIRAL Soundcloud
[email protected]

Read my interviews with some of the bands featured on the first and the second part of the compilation – go here and here.

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