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Introducing: NJ pop punk band SUCKERPUNCH!

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Today SUCKERPUNCH delivers a bold first impression as they blaze a new trail in the punk scene combining nostalgic influence and modern perspectives on their new single “Hope Like Hell.” This group of unstoppable best friends is building their brand with distinct authenticity and vivaciousness.

Upon first listen, the bright guitars and infectious energy will paint a smile on your face. Underneath the sing-along exterior lies the somber yet hopeful message of battling and overcoming depression:

“The concept behind this song hits close to home for all of us in the band: diving into a deep depression and willingly existing in that spiral. Many of us have experienced what depression does to you, and how it might make you want to not exist in one way or another. This song ends with a string of hope about a better tomorrow. Many of us feel like we can’t catch a breath, and this song shares that sentiment.” – comments the band.

Suckerpunch is a fresh and hard-hitting band with old ties to both the New Jersey and Philly DIY punk scenes. This band bridges the gap between the early 2000s emocore wave of bands and the current movement of emo and pop punk with influences from Taking Back Sunday, The Story So Far, Coheed and Cambria, and Thrice. Suckerpunch aims to take a strong focus on personal and self reflective lyrical content, framed within upbeat and catchy riffs and melodies. Within months of starting as a solo project, the band transformed into a group of lifelong friends who all share the same passion for alternative music and culture. Their soon to be released debut EP, “Hope Like Hell,” will take the genre to familiar, yet uncharted territory.

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