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Top 10 Records Of The Year – captivating melodic hardcore act PHANTOM BAY wrap up 2021, share debut single!

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Bremen-based band PHANTOM BAY pairs hardcore punk with melodic hooks. Formed in spring 2020 by Michael Hanser (vocals, guitar), Laurin Rutgers (bass), and Yannic Arens (drums), the band is set to release their debut self-titled LP in early 2022 via Krod Records. Today, we’re stoked to give you their debut song and music video “Separate Ways“, an earworm single that promises a great debut record to come! To celebrate, we asked the band for their top picks for Albums Of The Year, and we have received a quality, eclectic set of tips that you simply need to include in your listening parties.

Members of Phantom Bay were previously active in New Native, The Deadnotes, and Casually Dressed.

“Separate Ways” is a song about regret; about deliberately parting ways with people you’re very close with, and later wishing you had chosen differently. The song came together very naturally, both verse and chorus we’re written in under an hour.

It was written after heavy listening to Drug Church (one can tell when listening to the verse) and Jimmy Eat World. It’s arguably our catchiest song on this album, and contrasts the screamed vocals of the remaining album tracks.

Phantom Bay

Top 10 Records of 2021, by PHANTOM BAY:

Militarie Gun – All Roads Lead to the Gun (I+II)

A modern take on hardcore punk in the vein of Fugazi, The Jesus Lizard, Guided by Voices, and one of the catchiest hardcore records I’ve heard in a long time. Instead of releasing one LP, MG put out two connected EPs. Featuring members of Regional Justice Center, Drug Church, Modern Color, Photographic Memory. (Michael)

Fiddlehead – Between the Richness

Another great modern take on hardcore punk with a melancholic touch. I already liked their debut LP, but their sophomore LP “Between the Richness” is on another level: it’s catchy, energetic, and has great sing-alongs on it without sounding corny. Featuring members of Have Heart, Free, Basement. (Michae)

Snail Mail – Valentine

It’s been a while since Snail Mail’s fantastic debut LP “Lush”, and her next LP did not disappoint either. It’s a more experimental and sonically diverse record and shows how much she’s grown as a songwriter. (Michael)

One Step Closer – This Place You Know

Fantastic debut LP in the vein of Have Heart. I love it when bands put out great records at such a young age. Featuring members of Anxious (also worth checking out) (Michael).

Phantom Bay
Phantom Bay

Mannequin Pussy – Perfect (EP)

Not a full Album but just way too good to not be shared. Full of energy and with a huge range of emotions. Sometimes 5 songs is all it needs! (Yannic)

Angel Du$t – YAK: A Collection Of Truck Songs

I’ve been listening to the first single of this record “Never Ending Game” while I was jogging. I stopped to check what band it is and I couldn’t believe it’s Angel Du$t. While the last record “Rock the Fuck On Forever” pretty much sounded like it was called (of course I loved it) this one is a lot more experimental, color- and playful. I love when Bands drastically change their style but still manage to keep their unique way of making music! (Yannic)

HighSchool – Forever At Last (EP)

Only found out about this band a few weeks ago, not hardcore or punk rock at all but their song Jerry got stuck in my head since then. It might take a while still but I already can’t wait for them to move to the UK and start touring in Europe. (Yannic)

Olivia Rodrigo – SOUR

I don’t think there’s a chance anyone missed Olivia Rodrigo and her debut record SOUR this spring, but it’s just too good not to include in our top 10 list of 2021 so far. Despite turning 30 this year, I instantly felt like 16 again whenever Good 4 U was played anywhere. B-a-n-g-e-r! (Laurin)

Middle Kids – Today We’re The Greatest

I fell in love with these Australians back in 2018 (have you listened to “Edge Of Town” yet?!), and this new record is just as packed with a bunch of great songs too. (Laurin)

Highway Sniper – Greatest Hits 2

This Time It’s Personal: Super raw Cleveland-/NYC-based band featuring members of Heart Attack Man and Taking Meds. Their second EP is so well-written, it’s a true pleasure to listen to (Michael)

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