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Introducing PINK CLOUD: new dream pop post punk project from London

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In the gritty cityscapes of South East London, amidst the clamor and clash of urban existence, emerges a new soundwave—PINK CLOUD. At its core, Jake Poll, the Sheffield transplant who brings a legacy of raw, emo undertones from his days as a bassist for NAI HARVEST. Post-NAI HARVEST, Jake didn’t just shift locales; he plunged into diverse musical ventures, with vocal stints in LANGUISH and interactions with scene-shapers like NO PRESSURE, SUNAMI, and YOUTH FOUNTAIN.

Enter “Cut & Run,” the debut single from PINK CLOUD. Recorded in the intimacy of a bedroom-turned-studio, where guitars, bass, and synths mingle into a poignant soundscape.

This track isn’t just a compilation of cords and electronics, but a personal narrative of relational decay. Here, Jake teams with Ben Spence of Fuzzbrain Studios and Louis Hardy of HIGHER POWER / BODYWEB, both pulling the essence from every note to craft a sonic catharsis.

“CUT & RUN” dives deep into the quandaries of dying relationships—the incessant tug between self-preservation and the entrapment of another’s despair. It’s a dance on the fine line of personal welfare versus emotional entanglement.

Influences like SOFT KILL, THE STREETS, ANGEL DU$T, and TURNSTILE seep through, suggesting Jake’s eclectic taste shaping the project. There’s also a nod to the nostalgia with THE STONE ROSES and THE CRANBERRIES, bridging past influences with modernity.

As for the stage, while Jake’s PINK CLOUD has yet to see the lights, the tracks are laid for an imminent live journey.

For those eager to tune into the transformative vibes of PINK CLOUD, “Cut & Run” streams on both Spotify and Soundcloud.


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