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STONE COLD – new metallic hardcore pack hits hard with “War Within”, shares other bands to watch

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Meet Italy’s newest hardcore gang, STONE COLD, featuring members from powerhouse bands like Fulci, Face Your Enemy, Slander, and Silver. This metallic hardcore crew is taking the scene by storm, having recently dropped their debut singleWar Within.”

Dive into their Spotify or Bandcamp to catch a dose of their groove-infused metallic riffs paired with wailing thrash inserts—a real treat for fans of muscular, groove-infused hardcore.

It’s been a brewing idea for years among the band members, crossing paths on tours and dreaming up a project that combines their diverse musical expertise. Their shared love for ’90s hardcore and metal finally pushed them to bring STONE COLD to life.

Stone Cold

“War Within” is all about the internal struggles we face, the decisions to change, and breaking free from our own confines.

Looking ahead, STONE COLD has some lively plans for 2024, including several gigs and a two-track demo set to hit on cassette. They’re also wrapping up an EP, promising more ear-shattering tracks soon.

Stone Cold

Talking about the local scene, the Italian hardcore community is thriving. It’s a melting pot where hardcore meets metal, fueled by an energetic young crowd and mutual support among genres. If you’re around, dive into this vibrant scene.

For those keen on discovering more from the area and beyond, STONE COLD recommends these bands:

Stone Cold

Echo Chamber

Riff lords from Germany

Lowest Creature

Thrashy Hardcore from Sweden


Italian Beatdown

Slug Gore

Italian Death Grind

Blvd of Death

Italian Hardcore

Cheap Date

Italian Alt Rock / Emo


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