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Introducing: screamy, emotive, melodic post hardcore punks LOVELINE

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Essen based LOVELINE deliver melodic, anthemic, mid paced guitar driven amalgam of punk rock and hardcore, and are one of a few new bands to adopt this emotionally-charged sonic scheme. The quintet hasn’t reinvented the wheel here and while they are not offering anything drastically different than their early 00s contemporaries, these young fellas seem to possess a tremendous amount of heart. You can literally feel that in their new songs. We asked the band to give us to background on both tracks and here’s what we’ve got.

At The Mountains Of Sadness

(Lucas) So, to my understanding this is mostly a song on accountability and how everybody seems to be avoiding it nowadays. This already seems to be a recurring theme in our songs, but is especially strong in this one. For me personally it is mainly about how causes and effects of migration are (maybe even deliberately) missunderstood and how it sparked a new uprising of right wing politics.

(Micha) The idea of the song is in fact very old. The main riff and first “verse” was written in late 2014 when my old band was on it’s way to hiatus which evetually lead to a break up in late 2015. When LOVELINE was up and running, all the other parts where written with the specific vibe of the new band in mind.

Namesless Cities

(Lucas) This song started out as a more or less tongue in cheeck typical pop-punk song. But, as it is often the case with things like that, there is a lot of me coping with living in a city that I only have few positive feelings towards in it. Seriously, please get me out of here!

(Micha) This song is also from this old band transition phase and was initially recorded in 2015 without the “refrain” part “[I’m leaving] You and everything about you behind” which was later added by a friend (just the music with different lyrics). At first i thought the song wouldn’t fit this band but it really grew on me after the vocals where added and gave it a more agressive tone.

Karol Kamiński

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