An Introductory Interview with THE NEW TUSK, quaint emo punks from Brighton

Brighton, UK’s THE NEW TUSK have recently released a new 4-track EP titled ‘Monster Trucks’ through Get Into It Records (DADS, TWIABP). Serving a refreshing post hardcore’ish mixture of punk rock, lo-fi, and emo, the too-bloody-short EP serves an energetic, yet very nostalgic trip that will have you moving in no time. Check out the full record, a video for the first song released from the EP, and reveal a lot more in my newest review with the band below.

Four tracks of energetic, smart, hook-laden punk rock, for fans of JAWBREAKER, ARCHERS OF LOAF, MENEGUAR and such. / Get Into It Records

Hey guys! Thanks for catching up with IDIOTEQ reader. Please introduce yourself. How did THE NEW TUSK get started as a band?

Nick: Hey! Thanks for the interview. We are Max (guitar & vocals), Seb (bass) and Nick (drums).
Max: We all knew each other from back home in Jersey, me and Nick have been playing in bands for years. I live with Seb and we started playing together a bit when a mate left his bass at ours for ages.
Nick: Yeah we’ve known each other for yonks but only started playing together as THE NEW TUSK towards the end of 2013.

Cool. What were your favourite bands and artists growing up? What musicians and personas influence you most these days? What’s changed since you were a rookie? :)

Max: Basically just indie punk type stuff, I’ve always been big on THE CRIBS, JOY DIVISION and the like. I guess the only thing that’s changed drastically is that I’ve got slightly heavier things like AT THE DRIVE-IN, THE BLOOD BROTHERS and THE BRONX.

Seb: I’ve always been into 90’s Seattle like SOUNDGARDEN and NIRVANA, but more recently been listening to a lot of PAVEMENT, YUCK and ARCHERS OF LOAF. I’ve always liked the same kind of stuff i guess.

Nick: My favourite bands whilst growing up were THE STROKES, THE CRIBS, INTERPOL – basically just loads of indie bands. Stuff that generally influences me now indirectly or directly is just life generally I guess. Playing and writing music within this band helps me to let out emotions whether they be positive or negative. Musically though, I discovered ARCHERS OF LOAF last year thanks to this girl I was seeing and I’ve been completely hooked ever since.

How did you develop this unique emo / indie / lo-fi / post punk sound? What’s your writing process? How do you approach a song, or work on it?

Max: Just listening to all of said genres, we rip people off far more than we’re credited for. Normally it’s just a riff or a bass line that starts it. We just jam it out and it normally just goes. Most of the melodies are just made up on the spot.

Seb: We wanted to write short songs with odd arrangements. we try not to over think a lot of what we do so we usually stick with the first draft.

Nick: Most of our songs are written either of two ways. Max and Seb will come up with the main riff/hook/structure/whatever for a song and then I’ll add drums and input some ideas. Or we’ll simply jam out some random ideas at practise and see what happens. I think it’s good to have both these writing approaches as it keeps stuff fresh.

Also we usually try and film/record a band practise so that we can listen back and see if it works. For me, this is really handy as I’m quite particular about my drum parts.

What attracted you to this particular genre?

Nick: I think subconsciously or consciously this has always been the style of music I’ve wanted to be playing. I’ve always been into indie and punk and then more recently I’ve found myself digging deeper into the punk/rock spectrum. I think the only reason we’ve got this lo-fi tag is because we don’t have enough money to make our recordings sound really polished… but I’m fine with that, as it wouldn’t be right for us.

Seb: I think we wanted to get moving quickly and get songs written and recorded as fast as possible, so I guess fast short songs was the way to go.

You’ve just released a new 4-track EP titled ‘Monster Trucks’ on 24th October through Get Into It Records. Where did the EP name come from?

Max: Our mate Ryan who I play with in HOT GLASS was listening through the EP in Seb’s room one time and I think he’d had a few cans or something, just started singing the words monster trucks over the melodies and jokingly said that’s what we should call the EP. So we did.

Nick: Yeah we’re super stoked with how Monster Trucks has turned out, especially as it’s the first release we have recorded ourselves. Massive shout out to Get Into It Recs for being great!


What were some of your primary goals when working on lyrics for this record?

Max: I suppose just having the right balance between literal speaking and metaphor. Getting a point across, whatever it maybe, successfully.

Ok, so what’s in the future? Are you working on anything right now? A full length perhaps?

Max: No plans are fully set in stone, I think we’ll just keep writing at the pace we have been and see what happens.

Seb: We don’t get to practice often with Nick in London so we usually write a few songs then release them, I don’t think any of us could really be bothered to hold on to songs to get a good amount for a full length, not yet anyway.

Nick: Yeah, with me in London it’s hard for us to have full band practise regularly. But when we do stuff usually comes together pretty quickly. We already have a couple of new tracks in the works that will probably end up being on something. I do like the idea of doing a full length. But I don’t want to sit on loads of tracks for ages and I think it would be hard for us to get 10/11 tracks that work really well together. That’s probably why we’ve just been releasing EP’s as it’s a better snapshot of where we were at that particular time.

THE NEW TUSK live band

Ok buddies, so where can we catch you live in the coming months? What shows or tours do you have planned for this winter season and 2015?

Max: We don’t have a great deal planned for later this year but a few things are in the pipeline for 2015. A few tours, hopefully playing some places we’re yet to visit, maybe even Europe.

Seb: yeah we’ve been speaking to one band about doing a tour in February so hopefully that comes together.

Nick: Riddle about that bands name. ‘Something you ride’ and the dog from Coronation Street. Gig wise – we play Brighton on Dec 3rd@ The Hope w/BREAK UPS and Portsmouth on Jan 31st for Icebreaker Fest @ The Fat Fox.

Are you involved in more bands and other musical projects? Do you ever have to prioritise one band over another?

Max: I play in a few, THE ART CLUB, HOT GLASS, it’s rare they get in the way of each other so prioritising isn’t really too much of an issue. Me and Nick have played together in PIRATE VIDEO COMPANY since forever.

Nick: Yeah Seb actually helped PIRATE VIDEO COMPANY record some demos up in my parents attic back in the day.

What are some Brighton acts that you think deserve more recognition?

Max: RICHA, BROADBAY, MUSKETS, WATER CANVAS, LACTOSE, there’s tonnes. They’re all class as well.

Nick: Yeah, for me, BROADBAY, RICHA and WATER CANVAS. All three have their own original take on their respected genres and just write really good songs.

Ok buddies, thanks a lot! For your time! Is there anything else you’d like to say?

Max: Thanks for showing interest, all of our stuff is online for free so go mental.

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