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Italian raging math infused hardcore/metal act DOGS FOR BREAFAST premieres new video for “The Blade Of The Lord”

One year since the release of their crushing record “Suiru” and fresh off their pandemic break, Italian metal/hardcore villains DOGS FOR BREAFAST are back with a new horror chiller video for their song “The Blade Of The Lord”! We’re stoked to give you its first viewing, along with a special commentary on the current state of the band’s local music scene below!

“This is the track that best sums up the artistic and musical idea behind the whole album. It’s got fast parts, slower and heavier riffs, and it’s overall very dynamic. We wanted to just be open to creating a record that sounded like the sum of DOGS FOR BREAKFAST, rather than sticking to genre conventions” – comments the band.

Cut from the same cloth as metalcore / mathcore icons Converge, dirty metal/hardcore hybrid All Pigs Must Die, and chaotic post-hardcore practitioners High On Fire, DOGS FOR BREAKFAST’s brand of hardcore is dynamic, atmospheric, violent and dark as hell. On their latest recording, Suiru, this Cuneo based trio deliver 9 heavy, sludge infused metallic hardcore jams that respectfully nods to its predecessors, but also reaches towards something beyond. Listen for yourself!

Asked about the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on their local community and DIY hardcore/metal scene, the band commented: “The arrival of this pandemic has definitely given a bad blow to a scene already in trouble and far from being actively supported by the local government.”

“Clubs and live music venues are shutting down and in our area we are almost down to zero. If we manage to avoid a strict lockdown, we’ll keep meeting up in our rehearsal room and vent the frustrations via the only things we have… strings, skins, valves and cones! Some bands and venues are trying to stay active and all our respect goes to them. We can mention places such as Bloom in Mezzago (Milan) or Spazio 211 in Turin : both have managed to host events respecting the rules and safety regulations, showing that concerts can be done in a way or another without incurring in more outbreaks or infections.”

Dogs For Breakfast

They continue: “Of course playing in front of an audience where everyone is seated and wearing a mask is not exactly the best for a metal, hardcore or rock concert… but at this point it’s always better than nothing! So hats off to various associations such as All Our Blood or Progetto Cervo, who have been trying to go on, assisting bands and organising shows at the aforementioned venues. It’s sad cause the Italian scene has finally a lot of good bands to offer.”

“We especially like Treehorn: they put out a great record, “Golden Lapse”, which is certainly one of the most interesting Italian “noisy” releases of the last few years. Then we have to mention our brothers Tons, who feature our drummer Andrea. Their singer, Paolo, is highly committed to organize concerts and keep the scene alive. And then a special mention to Overdrive Records, Mothership Records, Shove Records and U’À! for supporting us with the release of our latest album, “Suiru”. Let’s hold on!”

To get your inspiration juices flowing, we asked the band to share their favorite records of the year so far. Here’s their recommendations:

Collars – Tracoma

Napalm Death – Throes of Joy in the Jaws of Defeatism

Ulver – Flowers of Evil

Insect Ark – The Vanishing

Hymn – Breach Us

Puscifer – Existential Reckoning

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