It’s official: CARCASS are working on a new album

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In response to last week’s rumoursCARCASS bassist/vocalist Jeff Walker has confirmed to Decibel that the band is in fact working on a new album, which will be their first since 1996’s “Swansong“.


On why the band has decided to make a new album, he responded:

Good timing, eh? Twenty-five years we first recorded Reek Of Putrefaction. The incentive was off Bill. I’d verbally expressed an interest in doing something but I needed Bill to have the desire and hunger again and that’s exactly what has happened. He recalled watching Dan Wilding play on tour with us in 2008 and something about him struck a chord and he wanted to work with him. There was something about him that kind of reminded him of Ken, on a personal level as much as his playing. We’ve done this recording firstly for ourselves—there’s no label backing even as you read this—in fact me and Bill have spent a small fortune out of our pocket to see this through—it’s more of an artistic/personal statement than anything.

Walker also gave some more information on the album, stating:

We’ve taken stylistic cues from all the albums because it’s in our blood, but it’s no rehash or mess of ideas. I think it sounds almost like the missing link between the third and forth albums but with some groove in there. I’ve jokingly christened some parts ‘Trad Blast’ and some ‘Death Sleaze’… don’t think for a minute this is just some nostalgic throwback album—we’re setting up another 17 years of ideas for other bands to copy and clean up on [laughs].

The lineup for the new CARCASS album is Jeff Walker on both bass and vocals, Bill Steer on guitar and Daniel Wilding on drums. There will be another guitarist when they tour in support of the record.

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