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J. Bannon (CONVERGE) interviews GIVE UP THE GHOST

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Jacob Bannon interviewed Wes Eisold & Tim Cossar of GIVE UP THE GHOST for the latest Deathwish Inc. Podcast.

Bannon comments:

After a recent American Nightmare band practice, I sat down with Wes and Tim, the founding members of the band. For over an hour we discussed the early years of American Nightmare. the highs and lows in their complicated history, the name change to Give Up The Ghost, as well as their recent decision to take the stage once again.

A quick disclaimer, the audio is a bit of a mess. We started the interview at 1AM as the other band members were downstairs playing Rock Band at rock concert like volume. This explains the faint sounds of 4 Non Blonde hits and Skynyrd anthems in the background. Anyway tough it out, it’s a rough listen, but well worth it.

Take a listen here.

AMERICAN NIGHTMARE aka GIVE UP THE GHOST from Boston performing live at Homebase in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, July 18th, 2001:


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