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Jack Grisham’s (TSOL) TENDER FURY’s last record receives remastered vinyl reissue

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Punk rock and hardcore have a rich history in Southern California, with a multitude of influential bands emerging from the scene. However, one group stood out for their dark and artistic approach, preceding the media frenzy and major label hype. Tender Fury, formed in 1987 by Jack Grisham of T.S.O.L and drummer Todd Barnes, released a groundbreaking final record that vanished into the realms of punk rock legend. Now, Blackhouse Records proudly presents the fully remastered and reconstructed reissue of “If Anger Were Soul, I’d Be James Brown,” a pivotal album that showcases Grisham’s post-substance abuse recovery devotion to music.

Tender Fury’s swansong release, “If Anger Were Soul, I’d Be James Brown,” initially debuted on Triple X Records in 1991, serving as a turning point in Jack Grisham’s musical career. The album boasted an exceptional lineup, featuring Grisham, Randy Bradbury (Pennywise, One Hit Wonder), Josh Freese (Vandals, Devo, Nine Inch Nails, now Foo Fighters), and Frank Agnew (Adolescents, 45 Grave). Its darker overtones and artistic approach set it apart from their contemporaries, earning Tender Fury a special place in the punk rock pantheon.

Blackhouse Records now presents this timeless record on vinyl for the first time ever in North America. Limited to just 500 copies, each album comes with a full lyric sheet insert and revamped cover art that aligns with the band’s original vision. The fully remastered and reconstructed reissue allows fans to experience the raw intensity and creative brilliance of “If Anger Were Soul, I’d Be James Brown” in all its glory.

Tender Fury’s final record holds a significant place in Jack Grisham’s journey, marking his dedication to music following a period of substance abuse recovery. The album’s title itself reflects the band’s emotional and musical exploration, drawing parallels between the power of anger and the soulful energy of James Brown. The reissued vinyl version brings this important chapter in punk rock history back to life, allowing both longtime fans and newcomers to appreciate the band’s profound impact and enduring legacy.

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