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JANE’S ADDICTION to begin writing their next album after they finish touring

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In a recent interview with Local BozoJANE’S ADDICTION frontman Perry Farrell revealed that the band is planning to start writing their follow-up to last year’s “The Great Escape Artist” as soon as they are finished touring in support of that album.


He states:

The plan is, as soon as we get off the road, we begin writing our next record. I’d like to give it a six-month window and just get another Jane’s record out, coming off the heels of “The Great Escape Artist”. I think that’s the way to do it for us. I don’t think we’ll wait eight years [laughs] to do another record. You know, we didn’t plan on getting back together, so that was part of… We had broken up. That was part of the reason that we took so long, but these days, the best thing that an artist can do or a group can do is stay busy and stay on the trail. And that’s what our plan is.


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