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Jaz Coleman of KILLING JOKE interviewed by Cvlt Nation

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Jaz Coleman of KILLING JOKE was recently interviewed by Cvlt Nation. The band has recently revealed their new track – go here to check it out.

Here’s the intro for the interview:

It was the kind of nervousness you get before a big job interview. Killing Joke frontman Jaz Coleman was spending the morning taking phone interviews from music journalists in advance of the October 30th US release of Killing Joke’s fifteenth album, the apocalyptic MMXII, on Spinefarm Records. Killing Joke had become one of my all time favorite bands over the past few years, and “I spoke with Jaz Coleman on the phone today” was not something I imagined I’d ever be able to truthfully say to anyone any time soon.

I was a little intimidated, partly because of the reputation Jaz’s volatile temper had earned him. In the 1980s, Killing Joke had an absolutely adversarial attitude towards the music press; there is an infamous incident of Jaz dumping a briefcase of maggots onto the desk of a writer at Melody Maker. But Jaz was in a good mood, gracious with his time, and able to converse easily and at length on a broad number of topics. His hearty, trademark laugh — Hahaha! — was never far off.

Go here to read the chat.

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