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Justin Pearson (RETOX / THE LOCUST) inetrviewed by PunkNews

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RETOX / THE LOCUST‘s Justin Pearson, who we recently interviewed, sat down with PunkNews to talk more about his future.

You seem to be quite the busy person these days between your musical endeavors, writing, and running a record label. As we approach 2013, how has the past year been for you and what are you looking forward to in the coming year? Any regrets or things you wished you had accomplished?

I am looking forward to getting this Dec. 21, 2012 date past us. Threats of the “end of the world” are boring. I would rather just get it over with or move on. Of course, I am looking forward to more and more collective progressive thinking, which I think we are slowly but surely seeing. And as far as regrets, I would not chalk up my mistakes to things as easily classifiable as regrets. That seems to be a cop out. Situations, good or bad, I would rather just reflect and push forward.

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