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Kentucky screamo legends KODAN ARMADA release full catalogue on vinyl

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Zegema Beach Records has announced the new discography release from Louisville early 00s screamo band KODAN ARMADA! The new collection of classic tracks will be available on 12” vinyl in 300 copies and will go live on sale on October 18th at 9am PST / 11am CST / 12pm EST. Miss The Stars Records and Illuminate My Heart Records are co-releasing as well.

Formed in Louisville, Kentucky in 2000, the band was signed to Magic Bullet Records and Brightskull Records. They disbanded after 5 years with members going on to form other bands, including In Tongues, Tightwolf, Heartwarmer, Prideswallower.

The Kodan Armada are one of the standout bands from the late 90’s/early 2000’s screamo sound, along with bands such as Neil Perry, Saetia, Joshua Fit For Battle, and The Spirit Of Versailles.” – comments Sophie’s Floorboard. “They played a cathartic style of music that focused more on the raw passion of chaos rather than cleanliness or production value. They fuse dark bass lines with ripping guitars, and top it off with strangled, shrieking vocals at their emotional and physical breaking point. Early in their career, they even had a keyboard player. They also brought out the quiet, melodic guitars with spoken word parts a top it. Basically they covered every aspect of the entire screamo genre within a handful of songs. The Kodan Armada’s discography is small but essential. They are an integral part in the development of screamo/post-hardcore/emo/hardcore/you know how the list goes, and one of the best bands to come out of it.”

Kodan Armada

“KODAN ARMADA has got to be in the top 10 ‘relatively unknown bands’ of all time.” – adds Dave from Zegema Beach Records. “They could literally cross most punk/rock/hardcore/metal/screamo genres, and do so in a single song! I could sit and type my fingers through my keyboard and into my desk about this band, their amazingness, their ability to style-hop and their extremely short-lived career – but I would never be able to do them justice.”

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