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KEVIN SECONDS premieres “One Amazing Place” video

KEVIN SECONDS has debuted the official weird clip for his new song “One Amazing Place”. Check it out below.


where is my country?
where did it go?
what is the problem?
i think i know
let’s blame the liberals
yeah they’re the ones
they want our freedom
they want our guns

and we don’t like it cuz
we lost the race
let’s burn it down and start all over
we’ll make our nation
one amazing place
the way it was
when we were younger

fuck global warming
fuck homeless bums
fuck immigrants
even though my dad is one
fuck civil union
and fuck the working man
fuck all non-smokers
and the vegetarians


let’s turn it backwards
go back to when
good women followed
and there were no lesbians
nobody questioned
nobody cared
God kept his eye on all
white people everywhere!

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