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KIDS INSANE interviewed by In Effect Zine

In Effect is updated with a brand new interview with Tel Aviv’s KIDS INSANE!

If that was your initial response maybe you should be digging a little deeper for your hardcore fix. Truly liking this music goes beyond following just the big named bands or the cool bands or going to just the big shows as there is a special feel when you find a band that is really bringing it and not enough people know it yet. You may find out about bands like that through word of mouth or going to a small show and catching the opening act. Once you find a band like that you kind of adopt them as your own and want everyone else to give them a listen. Case in point is Kids Insane who were referred to me by the In Effect UK crew when they toured through there in late 2012. Being from Tel Aviv, Israel this band has been around for about 2 years now and sound light years ahead of a band that has been around for that short a time. It probably surprised some when their “All Over” CD got picked as the #3 top release on this sites “Best Of 2012” feature last month but my pick was confirmed by some as I have had a few friends come forward and say that they were surprised at how good “All Over” is. Moral of the story is to dig a little when looking for new music, you might be surprised at what you find. This January 2013 interview is with bassist Nadav and singer Corey.

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