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“Kill Me” – 90s alt post hardcore rockers STAY NOWHERE premiere new track

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With a gloomy lyrics about being lonely, drowned in depression, and feeling trapped in adapting to modern society’s demands, the newest track from Cracow/Zakopane based grungy, alt post hardcore trio STAY NOWHERE could be easily settled in the middle of the 90s. Stuck between youthful energy and mature sense of atmosphere, the band’s new offering shows heavy traces of  predecessors, adding pinches of their own style and not forfeiting the hooks or energy of the canon. Variety, while maintaining consistency. Listen to the new jam and get more details below.

Social life requires a lot of conformism, but we’re not always able to cope with it. Unfortunately, disagreeing with roles imposed on us, we also sentence ourselves to the exclusion from the surrounding environment, or just like in the lyrics for “Kill Me”, pointing fingers. Personally, I think that top-down imposing on people how to live marks an attempt on freedom. There are as many ways how to live as there are people in the world, and matters like who we love, how we express ourselves and what makes us happy should be left to us alone.

STAY NOWHERE are: Kuba Dzieżyc (vocals, bass); Emil Czerniawski (guitar); Hubert Wójcicki (drums). The band’s debut self-titled album is available now via Antena Krzyku at this location. The new single “Kill Me” is a forerunner of the band’s new album, coming later in 2019.

“Kill Me” lyrics:

Eyes on the sky
What made you feel alone?
Cold from inside
It wraps around your bone
Closed eyes at night
Are wishing for the rain
A new day is an old lie
It won’t wash away the pain

Yeah, I’m not afraid
Of all these fingers pointed at me
My name was cursed from the start
Yeah, I’m not afraid
Who the fuck are you to judge me?
When my world is falling apart

This head is a mess
You don’t know who you are
Feels bad in your chest
Like a shiver in the dark
The wind that sways
Will take you for a ride
So far away
And we are all going to die

Yeah, I’m not afraid
Of all these fingers pointed at me
My name was cursed from the start
Yeah, I’m not afraid
Who the fuck are you to judge me?
When my world is falling apart

Kill me

STAY NOWHERE by Janusz Miller
STAY NOWHERE by Janusz Miller

The beginnings of Stay Nowhere date back roughly to summer of 2014 when Kuba and Emil were dreaming of starting a band that would perfectly embody their mutual musical interests. They have always been really into the emo wave of the 90’ and fascinated by the most prominent bands of Sub Pop records. Although, It is really hard to tell what was exactly the milestone that inspired them in to starting the band, surely, the energy for writing songs comes from groups which if weren’t established in the 90’ definitely refer to that era. Members of Stay Nowhere love listening to bands like: Samiam, Knapsack, Seaweed, Jawbreaker, Archers of  Loaf,  Failure, Pixies, Smashing Pumpkins, Filter, Swervedriver, Mineral, Planes Mistaken For Stars, or the more up to date: Bully, Drug Church, Ringo Deathstarr, Narrow Head and Dilly Dally. Stay Nowhere fans often hear influences of early grunge, emo, alternative rock and melodic punk.

In 2016 the group recorded a demo with Jan Herman (also known for playing in: Wszaniec, Boanerges, Moral Breach, Last Believer) at Czerpak Studio.

At the time the drums were recorded by Przemek Glowacki (Marksman).

Sadly, Przemek moved north to a town that he came from but that didn’t stop the rest from writing new songs and looking for a new drummer. In 2017 Hubert Wojcicki (Wszaniec, Inkwizycja) joined Stay Nowhere and shortly after that they released a s/t LP album. This time again Jan Herman recorded their songs but the mix and master was done at Satanic Audio by Haldor Grunberg. In January 2018 the group joined Antena Krzyku Records.

The band is currently intensely working on new songs for an upcoming album where they will present loads of fresh ideas. The new record will also consist of some songs that were written even before releasing their s/t LP therefore one can expect the same energy and catchiness as on their previous piece. The next album will be diversified style-wise while embracing great sound dynamics as well as the before mentioned sentiment for the 90’.

Last year, Stay Nowhere shared stages with multiple polish acts such as:

Hidden World, Fertile Hump, Komety, Bulbulators, Torn Shore, The Lowest, Jad, Slug Abuse, but also with bands from abroad like: Turbowolf, Dilly Dally, Moriah Woods (Feral Trees). In autumn last year they went on tour with The Dog (Wroclaw, Poland) and played gigs in Krakow, Wroclaw, Poznan, Gdynia, Warszawa, Lublin, Lodz. Until this day, Stay Nowhere played on scenes of most key music clubs in Poland and numerous times at Poglos club in Warsaw. They also played at Spring Break Festival in Poznan. In December they could be seen at their closing year mini-tour with Fertile Hump.

STAY NOWHERE relased their debut self-titled album in August 2017. Listen to the full record below and watch their recent video for their track “Bad World”:

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