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Killer industrial rap flow collides with powerful electronic beats, guitars and rough noise in new offering from BIOLLANTE!

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Strongly influenced by bands such as Death Grips, IC3PEAK, Swans, Atari Teenage Riot, Techno Animal, The Bug or Scorn, BIOLLANTE was born in 2020 as a side-project of the anonymous Parisian Black Metal/Indus/Baroque collective Non Serviam in the immediate urgency of composing a song to offer to a recently incarcerated friend (“Le monde me revient crié”).

A piece which associates all those (a dozen people) who wanted to express their solidarity in a genre which escaped until then from the eclecticism of the collective: Hip Hop, in its darkest and more industrial expression. The collaboration with, among others, a young collective of rappers, the Gobscrew, continues until composing a first album and constituting a genre-bending band-kaiju, we find there guitar and keyboards, but also harp, harpsichord, samples of a terrible truth, complex beats, poetry and vocals under all their forms, and always a unity of electronic composition which leaves the place to the flow of the rappers without fearing the crossings, the overlappings and the ruptures of styles.


Biollante tries to address subjects as difficult and complex as children’s suicide, revolt and care, mental illness, prison and confinement. What constitutes these disengaged elements into a coherent whole is Biollante, this kaijū who allegorizes the wounds of the existant, thinks them and bandages them by destroying the world, and whose metamorphoses, by turns blooming rose or toxic smog, metabolize the passions that fill this world.

Asked about their new track, Void, one of the two masterminds of the project, anonymous member of Non Serviam, shares: “We chosed this eponymous track as our first single because, for our first album, it was thought to be the introduction.”


“It tells the story of an unbalanced individual who welcomes the arrival of the Kaiju with arms wide open in the face of ruin and destruction, crying out “Mon Dieu, qu’est-ce que c’est bon !” ( “My God, this is good!”). Biollante, in Japanese cinema, is that adversary of Godzilla genetically created in a laboratory from the latter’s cells and a rosebush (and in which a scientist thinks his daughter has been reincarnated). This Kaiju, which spreads a toxic smog that contains the world’s pollution and which, in one of its phases, turns into a rose, was chosen to represent both the sound and the ambitions of our band.”

J’espère que tu danseras quelque part releases May 13, 2022. Pre-order HERE.

Void & Moon are members of the Non Serviam collective, while Ases, Toinz, Tangs and Tinvz are members of the Gobscrew.

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