KNUCKLE PUCK band by Andy Eclov
KNUCKLE PUCK band by Andy Eclov
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KNUCKLE PUCK’s new trajectory: an articulate exchange with Ryan Rumchaks

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In a detailed conversation on the Podioslave Podcast, episode 189, released on October 23, 2023, Ryan Rumchaks of Knuckle Puck and Homesafe fame provided insights into the alternative rock scene, discussing his musical journey, the inception of his bands, and the release of Knuckle Puck’s latest album, ‘Losing What We Love.’

The album, which dropped on October 20, 2023, under Pure Noise Records, signifies a culmination of the band’s ongoing evolution. Rumchaks, in a moment of candid reflection, expressed a deep affinity for this latest work.

“It’s my favorite record of ours. I think every time it’s my favorite record, every new record is my favorite. That’s just the way it is,” he states, acknowledging a progressive appreciation for their expanding discography. In a notable revelation about the album’s composition, he added, “Speaking of piano, there’s piano on the record. I think it’s our best album—that’s the best way to put it honestly.”

The track “The Tower” from ‘Losing What We Love’ quickly became an early favorite for many, with Rumchaks revealing, “Cool little tidbit about that song. That was one of the last ones to be written. John [Siorek], our drummer, wrote that song on the drums. He had the whole song. Just a drum part. And then it just filled in from there, which I thought was pretty wild.”

Delving into the band’s creative process, Rumchaks disclosed that their songwriting typically begins with a riff or Joe Taylor (Vocalist) having lyrics, with 95% of their songs born from music first. “Usually starts with a riff. Or Joe will have lyrics and I know Nick [Casasanto – Guitar] writes a lot on acoustic like me. But then there’s the odd times where it’s like, that’s a cool line, or I see something that’s like a cool lyric here. I can make that a lyric. And then yeah, that’s definitely the latter,” Rumchaks explains, highlighting the dynamic and flexible approach to their craft.

Rumchaks, who plays bass in Knuckle Puck but also dabbles with other instruments, discussed the complexity and synergy of being a multi-instrument musician. “It’s strange. There’s definitely like, batting of heads, but in my own head, you know. Yeah, it happens, but everything comes together,” he remarked, illustrating the internal debates that accompany the creative process.

His narrative also touched upon the dedication that defines the band, recounting a recent challenge they faced. “Last year, our drummer John broke his hand a week into a tour. And we woke up the next day on the bandwagon. John wasn’t there, John’s at the doctors. John’s…” Here, Rumchaks trailed off, perhaps indicating the intensity and the commitment of the band to endure and adapt to unforeseen hurdles.

The conversation with Rumchaks sheds light on the intimate and intricate world of music creation within Knuckle Puck, revealing both the struggles and triumphs of artistic endeavor. Their latest album stands not just as a collection of songs but as a testament to their passion for music and the authentic expression within the punk rock realm.

Listen to the full episode HERE and catch the band on tour, kicking off tomorrow in Cleveland!

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