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Triple B Records shares RESULT OF CHOICE’s complete works on vinyl

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Dipping into the vibrant pulse of the Florida hardcore scene from 2017 to 2020, Result Of Choice carved out a niche with their electrifying fusion of hardcore beats. And guess what? They’re storming back into the spotlight. Triple B Records is rolling out Result Of Choice’s entire musical journey on vinyl. For the very first time, fans can get their hands on the band’s discography on two exclusive vinyl color variations. Check it out HERE.

This vinyl treat isn’t just about their hits. It wraps up their dynamic 2017 EP ‘Through My Eyes’, the 2019 sensation ‘Place of My Dreams’, and the catchy “Greenwashed” from the fifth edition of the ‘America’s Hardcore Compilation’.

Result Of Choice
Result Of Choice

And to sprinkle a little extra magic, they’re unveiling a previously tucked away track, “World In My Hands”. It’s a power-packed anthem with hard-hitting guitar sequences and lyrics that shout out about taking charge of your life.

The nostalgia doesn’t end with the vinyl.

Result Of Choice is hitting the stage once again for the grand finale of America’s Hardcore Fest. If you’re in Boston, mark your calendar for December 1st. The band will be setting the stage ablaze at The Middle East, joining the ranks with other hardcore legends like Big Contest, Demolition, Clear, and a few more. A quick heads-up though, tickets are already sold out. So, if you’ve snagged one, consider yourself lucky!

The Pillars Behind Result Of Choice

At the heart of the band are its core members – Jules delivering those powerful vocals, Toli strumming the guitar, Steven on the bass, and Zack rocking the drums. But let’s not forget the myriad of talented collaborators who’ve been a part of the band’s vibrant journey – names like Jessie Inman, Sasha Stroud, Sarah King, Daniel Fang, Carson Wilcox, Jeff Caffey, AC, and Flip have all contributed to the legacy of Result Of Choice.

Don’t miss out on their upcoming performance:

12/1 – Boston, MA – Feel the energy at America’s Hardcore Fest @ The Middle East.

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