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LA PROSPETTIVA European tour dates

LA PROSPETTIVA have announced a series of European tour dates, which take place in September. All the dates can be found in the statement they made below.

We are organizing an eurotour to promote our full length coming out in september. we need only a vegetarian dinner, a place to sleep and some money for the fuel and the rent of the van.

here the planning:

19/9 – austria (vienna)
20/9 – austria (innsbruck)
21/9 – switzerland (winterthur)
22/9 – switzerland (basel)
23/9 – france (marseille)
24/9 – france
25/9 – belgium
26/9 – nederland
27/9 – nederland (hengelo)
28/9 – germany (berlin)
29/9 – germany (lipzeig)
30/9 – germany (konstanz)

if someone is interested please contact us, even some contacts of friends will be appreciated!
 take care!

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