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LENTIC WATERS premiere new tracks! [UPDATE]

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Münster post rockish screamo / post hardcore act LENTIC WATERS have just unveiled a new track called “History”, a first foretaste from their upcoming new LP “Bird”, coming out over 3 years after their 2015 LP “The Path“! The new chant is a slow burning, angelic, spaced out delivery fortified with rich instrumentation and great atmosphere. Listen below and stay tuned for more details soon!

The band will be on tour starting September 25th alongside LOCKTENDER (!), who we interviewed earlier this year. See the dates below.

UPDATE: more new tracks have been revealed following the premiere of “History”. Listen to “Doll” and “My Vendetta” below.”


This is the first Song of our new record. Yes, it’s different… Enjoy!


Doll is the most quiet song of our new album which includes 11 tracks.

“My Vendetta”:

This song is called “My Vendetta” and it’s different again.

We wrote all the songs of our new record 3 years ago when we thought it’s time to create something new. This doesn’t mean we’ll stop playing heavy music in the future.



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