DEAD NECK by Yousuke Fujita
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Melodic hardcore punk rockers DEAD NECK explain their powerful debut EP

DEAD NECK by Yousuke Fujita
DEAD NECK‘s 2014 self-titled EP was definitely where all the fans of PROPAGANDHI, GOOD RIDDANCE and DILLINGER FOUR would feel at home. It has been re-recorded, re-mixed and remastered for a new reissue via Mud Cake Records earlier this year and it still has a power that grabs you and is the hallmark of the genre of energy infused melodic hardcore and punk rock. To celebrate the new edition of this amazing record, we have teamed up with the lead singer and bassist Andy Dazzler to give you a short tour through each and every song! Check it out below.

“Dead Neck” was originally released on CD via Torch Of Hope Records out of Japan and digitally through Italian label Inconsapevole Records. The new version on Mud Cake Records includes colored insert plus digital download, and is available on orange and black vinyl.

Racking up over 350 shows in 27 contries, 3 continents and both hemispheres in their first 3 years of existence, Manchester fast punkers DEAD NECK have so far visited all kinds of clubs, squats, back rooms, pubs, bars and festivals in the UK, mainland Europe, Latin America and Japan. Festival slots included some of Europe’s finest punk rock festivals such as Punk Rock Holiday, Manchester Punk Fest, Mighty Sounds and Knrd Fest. Their 2014 self-titled debut EP became an instant classic among fast punk fans and managed to blow minds all over the place. As if the original recording wasn’t goose bumping enough, the band decided to re-record and remaster the whole beast for a 2018 vinyl reissue which we’re very delighted to be part of. Judging by their latest announcements, it’s safe to say that DEAD NECK have no intention of slowing down any time soon and that goes for both their touring schedule and songwriting. An upcoming split with bassist and lead singer Andy’s favorite band ACTIONMEN promises to even take things up a notch!

Cooking With Nunchucks

I always say this song is about trying stuff you might think is impossible, but I think its really about the fun involved in doing that.
Not really expecting anything, just guessing and hoping and giving it rice.


This song is about how a collective voice is stronger than a single one, a sort of the more the merrier thing, everyone welcome, lets go bonkers because what we have in the punk scene is real and not some here today gone tomorrow fashion bollocks like we see in the mainstream music that has the attention of the world.


This song was written at a time in my life when I was extremely poor out of choice, for a reason. Having to make choices like heating a room or eating a meal just to be available for whatever the next silly tour or festival or weeks rehearsal or whatever is coming along, when tomorrow I could go and ace an interview and get a shit job in an office and not be poor. It was written, along with all these songs, before we had ever played a gig.

Oriental, I

The first ever Dead Neck song, this is about trying to see things from other perspectives, the feeling of trying to see through confusion, how hindsight isn’t always 20/20 and foresight and intuition are legitimate.


I think this song is about the feeling of ducking out of a system of thought. Making a firm choice not to do some of the things I was programmed to do from birth like have a normal job, have kids, have a mortgage, pay taxes etc. As with all my lyrics though I prefer them to be open to interpretation, at the moment this song is reminding me of the situation with the National Health Service in the UK and how dangerously close we are to losing it.

Melodic hardcore punk rockers DEAD NECK explain their powerful debut EP ads
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